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Noah 2014

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

This ambitious adaptation of the story of Noah depicts the visions that led him to voice dire prophesies of apocalypse and to build an ark to survive. As he labors to save his family, Noah asks for help from a band of angels called the Watchers.


Man of Steel 2013

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.

Man of Steel

The Nice Guys 2016

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

"The Nice Guys" takes place in 1970s Los Angeles, when down-on-his-luck private eye Holland March (Ryan Gosling) and hired enforcer Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) must work together to solve the case of a missing girl and the seemingly unrelated death of a porn star. During their investigation, they uncov

The Nice Guys

Les Miserables 2012

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

The musical version of Victor Hugo's epic tale of love and sacrifice, first produced for the stage in 1985, now receives the big-screen treatment. The bloody era of the French Revolution is the backdrop to Jean Valjean's long struggle for redemption.

Les Miserables

Broken City 2013

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Seven years after being forced to resign as a New York police officer, private detective Billy Taggart (Mark Wahlberg) takes on his toughest case yet: following the wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones) of the city's hard-nosed mayor (Crowe), who's convinced she's cheating on him. But by the time the mayor reveals

Broken City

The Water Diviner 2014

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Starring Russell Crowe (Gladiator) and Olga Kurylenko (Oblivion), The Water Diviner is an epic adventure set four years after the devastating battle of Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I. Australian farmer Connor (Crowe) travels to Istanbul to discover the fate of his sons, reported missing in the ac

The Water Diviner

A Good Year 2006

  • Format: DVD

London-based investment expert Max Skinner (Russell Crowe) travels to Provence to tend a small vineyard he inherited from his late uncle. When he gets suspended from his job under suspicion of fraud, he settles in to life at the chateau, remembering the time he spent there as a child. Then a determined y

A Good Year

Winter's Tale 2014

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Mark Helprin's novel provides the basis for this film starring Colin Farrell as a thief who breaks into an ill girl's home and then falls for her. As the action shifts between past and present, the burglar also acquires a flying-horse guardian angel.

Winter's Tale

The Next Three Days 2010

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

When his wife (Elizabeth Banks) is sent to jail on murder charges she fervidly denies, college professor John Brennan (Russell Crowe) comes up with a plan to break her out by meticulously plotting the ultimate escape -- despite the fact that he's never committed a crime in his life. Writer-producer Paul

The Next Three Days

Robin Hood 2010

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Director Ridley Scott and actor Russell Crowe reunite for their fifth big-screen outing, a retelling of the Robin Hood legend featuring the GLADIATOR star in the titular role. A bowman in the army of Richard Coeur de Lion, virtuous rogue Robin Hood rises from an unlikely background to become a hero to th

Robin Hood

State of Play 2009

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Director Kevin Macdonald moves from documentaries and the Idi Amin drama THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND to this fictional thriller that feels all too real at times. Based on the BBC miniseries of the same name, STATE OF PLAY stars Russell Crowe as Cal McCaffrey, an old-school-style journalist working for the

State of Play

Body of Lies 2008

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Based on Washington Post columnist David Ignatius' 2007 novel about a CIA operative, Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio), who uncovers a lead on a major terrorist leader suspected to be operating out of Jordan. When Ferris devises a plan to infiltrate his network, he must first win the backing of cunning CI

Body of Lies

The Insider 1999

  • Format: DVD

Nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture! Gripping and powerful, THE INSIDER keeps you on the edge of your seat as it recounts the chain of events that pitted an ordinary man against big business, and ultimately dragged people into the fight of their lives. Academy Award Winner Al Pacino

The Insider

Tenderness 2008

  • Format: DVD

Lori Cranston (Sophie Traub) is a confused fifteen-year-old dreamer in search of an escape from her troubled home life. She discovers and becomes enthralled with Eric (Jon Foster), a young man with a violent past. As they embark on a harrowing journey, a hardened local cop (Russell Crowe), who has been f


Bra Boys 2007

  • Format: DVD

The first officially sanctioned documentary about Maroubra's notorious surf-gang, the Bra Boys. Showing their success in professional big wave surfing, exploring their reputation for hard partying and rough justice, touching on their running battle with authorities and showing their reliance on one anoth

Bra Boys

Red Obsession 2013

  • Format: DVD

Russell Crowe narrates this sobering study of how the tastes of China's nouveau riche are driving up wine prices in France's Bordeaux region -- and pushing out Western customers who can no longer afford it.

Red Obsession

The Man with the Iron Fists 2012

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Combining kung-fu action and hip-hop style, this martial arts thriller relates the saga of a Chinese blacksmith caught up in a battle between clans. Forced to defend his own village, the blacksmith channels primeval forces that make him invincible.

The Man with the Iron Fists

Proof Of Life 2000

  • Format: DVD

Alice Bowman is world-traveled and savvy but nothing could prepare her for this. Rebels in a politically volatile Latin American country have kidnapped her husband for ransom. The asking price: $3 million. Meg Ryan plays Alice and Russell Crowe is Terry Thorne, the hostage retrieval expert who becomes Al

Proof Of Life

Brides of Christ 1991

  • Format: DVD

Critically acclaimed Australian mini-series, Brides of Christ, tells the story of Roman Catholic nuns and life at their boarding school during the 1960s. Behind high convent walls, their lives are circumscribed by centuries old traditions, rites and disciplines. But in times of radical change and upheava

Brides of Christ