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Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden 2012

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

In this action-packed adventure, the members of U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6 train for a critical mission, initially unaware that their efforts will culminate in a daring nighttime raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound.

Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden

Static 2008

  • Format: DVD

A marketing wiz, a student of neurosurgery, and a computer genius conspire to create a cell-phone chip that allows telepathic communication between users. But when the prototypes are implanted in their brains, they discover a terrifying side effect: the actions of other people can be manipulated through


The Fixer 2015

  • Format: DVD

Starring Grey's Anatomy's McSteamy' (Eric Dane), and from the director of Antitrust & Johnny English, comes a gripping action-thriller about a senior NAIA agent, who uncovers a deadly conspiracy behind an oil rig disaster. Suspicious of the official answers, Ellie Molaro spearheads a private investigatio

The Fixer

Boss - Season 1 2011

  • Format: DVD

Mayor Tom Kane sits like a spider at the centre of Chicago's web of power; a web built on a covenant with the people. They want to be led, they want disputes settled, jobs dispensed, and loyalties rewarded. If he achieves through deception and troubling morality, so be it. As long as he gets the job done

Boss - Season 1

The Vatican Tapes 2015

  • Format: DVD

Angela Holmes is an ordinary 27-year-old until she begins to have a devastating effect on anyone close, causing serious injury and death. Holmes is examined and possession is suspected, but when the Vatican is called upon to exorcise the Demon, the possession proves to be an ancient satanic force more po

The Vatican Tapes

Tin Man 2007

  • Format: DVD

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has been boldly re-imagined for the new millennium. Four timeless characters continue down the old brick road in a valiant quest for their own inner wisdom and authentic truths. In this cyber-twisted update of a classic, a leather-clad, soul-sucking sorceress named Azkadelli

Tin Man

Last Exit 2006

  • Format: DVD

Shattered windshields. Twisted wreckage. Last Exit is an action-suspense drama that tells the parallel stories of two ordinary women - one, a single mother barely supporting her handicapped son, and the other, a working mom precariously balancing her family with a high-pressure career - on one extraordin

Last Exit

Psycho Beach Party 2000

  • Format: DVD

It's summer and the drive-in is the place to be. When Florence "Chicklet" Forrest, discovers the body of a murdered girl, she finds herself in the middle of a classic whodunnit.The problem is Chicklet always seems to be at the scene of the crime and when questioned by Captain Stark, keeps drawing mysteri

Psycho Beach Party

In The Line Of Duty: The Price Of Vengeance 1994

  • Format: DVD

A series of brutal robberies lead North Hollywood Detective Tom Williams onto the trail of Johnnie Moore. Moore is a self-styled crime boss who has eluded arrest because he and his men are able to terrorise their victim into silence. Finally, one of his victims, Joe Shepard, is not intimidated and comes

In The Line Of Duty: The Price Of Vengeance

Control 2004

  • Format: DVD

A hardened killer, Lee Ray Oliver (RAY LIOTTA) is given an unexpected reprieve from the prison execution chamber when he's offered a chance to take part in a secret chemical behavioural modification program. The inventor of the drug, Dr. Michael Copeland (WILLEM DAFOE) will supervise the transformation o


Murder in the First - Season 1 2014

  • Format: DVD

From Emmy-winner Steven Bochco and co-creator Eric Lodal comes a new crime drama following the investigation through the trial of a high-profile murder case. As two detectives (Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson) investigate the murder of a drug addict, they discover the victim's connection to Erich Blunt

Murder in the First - Season 1

Not Since You 2009

  • Format: DVD

A romantic comedy in the vein of Sex and the City where a wedding unites old friends. One woman finds her soul mate, another is caught between two best friends, while one is torn between her husband and former love. They all fight to find romance and happiness.

Not Since You

Nowhere 1997

  • Format: DVD

Like a Beverly Hills 90210 Episode on serious acid, NOWHERE follows an interwoven network of sex-crazed teenagers as they hurtle through doubt and insecurity, the highs and lows of adolescent love, S&M, hallucinogenics, jackings and murders. Saturated with angst-ridden moments and sexual confusion, this