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Savages 2012

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

When a drug cartel moves in on the pot-growing operation of entrepreneurs Ben and Chon, it kidnaps the pals' friend Ophelia to ensure their compliance. Instead, the two -- one a Buddhist, one an ex-Navy SEAL -- team up with a DEA agent and fight back.


Basic 2003

  • Format: DVD

Six soldiers went out. Two came back. What happened to the military's most elite commandos? When a legendary commander (Samuel L. Jackson) and several of his men turn up missing, the last thing the government wants is a rogue DEA agent (John Travolta) investigating the disappearance. As the investigation


I Am Wrath 2016

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Unemployed engineer Stanley Hill (John Travolta) witnesses the murder of his wife Vivian (Rebecca De Mornay), who was attacked by thugs in a parking garage. Wracked with guilt, Stanley is haunted by the image of Vivian dying in his arms. When Detective Gibson (Sam Trammell) and other corrupt police offic

I Am Wrath

The General's Daughter 1999

  • Format: DVD

There's the right way, the wrong way and the Army way. But there's no way military investigator Paul Brenner (John Travolta) is going to participate in a cover-up when Fort MacCallum officials try to hide the motive behind the murder of a beautiful female officer. Travolta's magnetic performance sparks t

The General's Daughter

A Love Song For Bobby Long 2004

  • Format: DVD

After her mother's death, moody teenage lone wolf Purslane Will (Scarlett Johansson) returns to New Orleans to reclaim her childhood home. She's shocked to discover that two of her mother's friends - Bobby Long (John Travolta), an ex-literature professor, and his protégé, Lawson Pines (Gabriel Macht) -

A Love Song For Bobby Long

Domestic Disturbance 2001

  • Format: DVD

In this "edge of your seat thriller", John Travolta stars as Frank Morrison, a man who discovers that his son's new stepfather (Vince Vaughn) is not who he pretends to be. Frank's investigation into this man's past explodes into a terrifying mission to rescue his son from the ultimate danger. This chilli

Domestic Disturbance

The Taking of Pelham 123 2009

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

It's just an ordinary day for subway dispatcher Walter Garber (Denzel Washington), until a vicious gang of criminals led by the mysterious Ryder (John Travolta) hijacks one of the city's train cars. The ransom: ten million dollars. The deadline: one hour. Now Walter is thrust into a race against time to

The Taking of Pelham 123

Fat Actress 2005

  • Format: DVD

Two-time Emmy Award winner, Kirstie Alley, takes her life experiences and recreates them in the extreme as she plays a fictional version of herself – a successful television and movie star whose weight gain has become the subject of her existence, as she tries to find work and true love in an unforgivi

Fat Actress

Lonely Hearts 2006

  • Format: DVD

In this unnerving docudrama, John Travolta and James Gandolfini play homicide detectives assigned to pursue lovers Martha Beck (Salma Hayek) and Raymond Fernandez (Jared Leto) -- dubbed the "Lonely Hearts Killers." Luring unwary war widows and spinsters through personal ads in the late 1940s, the couple

Lonely Hearts

The Forger 2014

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

The world’s best art forger (John Travolta) makes a deal with a crime syndicate to get an early release from prison, but in return he must pull of an impossible heist - he must forge a painting by Claude Monet, steal the original from a museum and replace it with a replica so perfect that no one will n

The Forger

Killing Season 2013

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Tormented by memories of combat in the Bosnian War, American vet Benjamin Ford seeks peace of mind deep in the Appalachian Mountains. But when a Bosnian vet of the same war comes to settle a score, a new war erupts in the American wilderness.

Killing Season

The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story 2016

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

There are few truly unifying events in American life. When something happens that makes the entire country stop and take notice, we remember it forever. Everybody remembers where they were when O.J. Simpson, riding in a white Bronco, led the police on a low-speed chase all over Los Angeles. This marked t

The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story

Phenomenon 1996

  • Format: DVD

Hollywood favorite John Travolta, who dazzled movie-goers in Pulp Fiction, delivers another critically acclaimed performance in the year's most moving film...Phenomenon. Travolta plays George Malley, an easy-going car mechanic who's hopelessly in love with a pretty newcomer in town (Kyra Sedgwick - Somet


Staying Alive 1983

  • Format: DVD

It's five years later for Tony Manero. The fever still burns! John Travolta returns as a pumped-up Tony Manero in this sequel to the 1977 hit movie, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. Tony is now a struggling dancer/instructor, looking for his big break in a Broadway show. When he finally lands a small role, personal

Staying Alive

From Paris with Love 2010

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

While working at the American embassy in Paris, low-level intelligence agent James Reece (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) gets involved in espionage when he's pulled into a terrorist plot by high-ranking but uncouth American operative Charlie Wax (John Travolta), who's trying to stop it. Pierre Morel directs this

From Paris with Love

Get Shorty 1995

  • Format: DVD

Drug Smuggling. Racketeering. Loan Sharking. Welcome to Hollywood! An hysterical comedy that insists it doesn't take much to make it in the movies...just a background with the mob. Loan Shark Chili Palmer (Golden Globe winner Travolta) has done his time as a gangster. So when "business" takes him to Lo

Get Shorty

Enough Rope with Andrew Denton - Screen Stars 2003

  • Format: DVD

In four years, Enough Rope has shown that the star interview doesn't have to be the usual handshake, a couple of anecdotes and the obligatory plug for a new movie or TV show. The legends and luminaries sitting across from Andrew Denton have been allowed, and encouraged, to go beyond the commercial quid p

Enough Rope with Andrew Denton - Screen Stars

A Civil Action 1998

  • Format: DVD

John Travolta (Face/Off, Phenomenon) gives another brilliant performance in a suspenseful true story that's been praised as the greatest legal thriller of all time! Jan Schlichtmann (Travolta) is a cynical, high-priced personal injury attorney who only takes big-money cases he can safely settle out of co

A Civil Action

Mad City 1997

  • Format: DVD

Dustin Hoffman and John Travolta team with award-winning filmmaker Costa Gavras (Z, Missing) in a fierce tale of ratings-driven TV news gone mad. Travolta is Sam, a misguided museum guard who loses his job, then tries to get it back at gunpoint. Hoffman is Max, a local TV reporter taken hostage with scho

Mad City

White Man's Burden 1995

  • Format: DVD

The story takes place in alternative America where the blacks are members of social elite, and whites are inhabitants of inner city ghettos. Louis Pinnock is a white worker in a chocolate factory, loving husband and father of two children. While delivering a package for black CEO Thaddeus Thomas, he is m

White Man's Burden