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Ghost Dog - Way Of The Samurai 1999

  • Format: DVD

A professional hitman with a difference, Ghost Dog (Forest Whitaker) conducts himself with strict adherence to the philosophies of the Samurai. Living in a dishevelled roof top shack, his usual means of communication with his clients is by carrier pigeon. When Ghost Dog's code is dangerously compromi

Ghost Dog - Way Of The Samurai

Allan Quatermain And The Lost City Of Gold 1987

  • Format: DVD

After his brother Robeson disappears without a trace while exploring Africa in search of a legendary 'white tribe', Alan Quatermain decides to follow in his footsteps to learn what became of him. Soon after arriving, he discovers the los City of Gold, controlled by the evil lord Agon, and mined by his le

Allan Quatermain And The Lost City Of Gold

Code Of Silence 1985

  • Format: DVD

From the director of The Fugitive comes a riveting, turbo-charged crime thriller starring international action star Chuck Norris. Exploding with heart-stopping chases and lethal martial arts confrontations, it's a "daring" (Washington Post) and "suspenseful" (Box Office) adventure that pits an honest cop

Code Of Silence

Lust In The Dust 1985

  • Format: DVD

Paul Bartel's classic "anti-western" kicks off when news that a cache in gold is buried somewhere in the New Mexican town of Chile Verde, attracts a menagerie of cowboys, desperados, and gunfighters in search of the treasure. When the gruff enigmatic cowpoke known as Abel Wood (Hunter) teams up with a de

Lust In The Dust

Love And Bullets 1979

  • Format: DVD

Under cover detective Charlie Congers has been specially chosen to rescue the ex mistress of the highly sought after mastermind behind an organised European crime network - Joe Bomposa. Once he has her he can then convict Bomposa and put him away for good. He has only to get the girl and get out of Europ

Love And Bullets

Ocean's Eleven 1960

  • Format: DVD

Keep your eye on Danny Ocean (Frank Sinatra), he's the quiet guy in the middle of it all. He's the guy with the big idea, he's calling a summit meeting of his own, and it's going to be a summit to top them all. Now all he needs are 11 men, let's say 11 ex-paratroopers from his old outfit. And you'd be am

Ocean's Eleven

Possessed By The Night 1994

  • Format: DVD

Howard Hansen is a famous novelist who is struggling with his latest book. For inspirations he brings home a bizarre artefact which strangely draws his inner most thoughts and desires to the surface. But while his writing improves his behaviour takes a menancing turn exposing a dark side never known, not

Possessed By The Night

Wrong Is Right 1982

  • Format: DVD

A satire of American news reporting, Covert Agencies, and political system. The theft of two suitcase sized nuclear weapons, and their sale to a terrorist group, leads TV Newsman Patrick Hale on an international chase to track them down, and uncover the twisting maze of apparent involvement of US Governm

Wrong Is Right

Thirst 1979

  • Format: DVD

She was innocent, pure and unsuspecting. But now, Kate Davis (Chantel Contouri) has been kidnapped by a bloodthirsty cult and taken to a remote village and it is there that she discovers her fate. She must fulfill her destiny by marrying the cult's leader and help them quench their diabolical thirst for


Ride A Crooked Trail 1958

  • Format: DVD

After robbing a bank Joe Maybe (Murphy) assumes the identity of his pursuer, a famous US Marshal, when he stumbles into a town and is confronted by the local judge Kyle (Matthau). An old flame nearly unmasks him by accident, only to be forced to assume the ruse of being his wife. The couple is given a ho

Ride A Crooked Trail

Nico: Above the Law 1988

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Chicago cop Nico Toscani (Steven Segal) is on to something big. Suspects collared in a drug raid are allowed to walk. And Nico himself is asked to turn in his badge. He may be off the force - but not out of the action. Steven Segal makes his sensational screen debut as Nico, smashing his way into the

Nico: Above the Law

The Man Hunt 1985

  • Format: DVD

A young man (Ethan Wayne) buys two horses at an Arizona race track but fails to get a receipt. Later, when riding across the land of rancher Ben Robeson (Ernest Borgnine), he's accused of stealing the two horses. Unable to prove ownership, the young man is then sentenced to prison.

The Man Hunt

Escape From The Bronx 1983

  • Format: DVD

In the grim, post-apocalyptic dystopian future of the year 2000 the TC Corporation wants to demolish Manhattan Island to build an ultra-modern city and plan to relocate the gangs that rule Manhattan to New Mexico. At least that is what they say publicly, but have instead brought in an armed Disinfestant

Escape From The Bronx

The Outside Man 1983

  • Format: DVD

Jordan enjoys living on the edge - that fine margin between glory and disaster where only the brave tread. "The Outside Man" is the admired chief of the Marseilles narcotic squad, the sworn enemy of Mecacci, a crook with friends in high places who sees Jordan as an irritating nuisance. After Jordan busts

The Outside Man

The Hills Run Red 1967

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

At the end of the Civil War, confederate soldier Jerry Brewster (Thomas Hunter) is jailed for a heist engineered by his buddy Ken Seagull (Nando Gazzolo), who escapes with the loot and builds quite a fortune for himself. Upon his release five years later, Brewster realizes he's been double-crossed……a

The Hills Run Red

The Bravados 1958

  • Format: DVD

When four men who Jim Douglas (Gregory Peck) believes raped and killed his wife escape from their death sentences, Jim sets out to track the men down and enact his own vengeance. An honest man, Jim sees his actions as just and brave, but as he crisscrosses Mexico to exact an eye for an eye, he comes to r

The Bravados

Probability Zero 1969

  • Format: DVD

Set in Norway and has a crack team of Allies sent to blow up an underground Nazi factory where the Germans have taken a crashed Spitfire that contains a new radar system that the krauts want to copy.

Probability Zero