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Cellular 2004

  • Format: DVD

What if someone's life was literally on the line and the power to save them was totally in your hands? For Ryan (Chris Evans) the choice begins with a frantic call from Jessica Martin (Academy Award winner Kim Basinger). Having been kidnapped at gunpoint and locked in an undisclosed attic, Jessica pleads


Scream At The Devil 2015

  • Format: DVD

Mirium Jones suffers from schizophrenia. Estranged from her husband because of his affair with a younger woman, Mirium travels alone to the land of her dreams, Venice, Italy. Sad and lost, she finds herself in an ancient basilica where she comes face-to-face with a haunting image of Satan, which speaks t

Scream At The Devil

Bare Knuckles 2009

  • Format: DVD

Inspired by a true story, this film is about a stuntwoman who enters the high stakes private world of female fist fighters to earn money to pay for her daughter that needs special care. Roxborough (who strongly resembles Robin Wright Penn) plays Samantha with a combination of vulnerability and steely det

Bare Knuckles

Kiss of the Vampire (Immortally Yours) 2006

  • Format: DVD

A coven of Sexy, modern Day vampires ravage the American Midwest with the thirst for blood, while a romantic twist puts the vampires at odds among themselves and with the murderous Illuminati that seek to gain their immortality.

Kiss of the Vampire (Immortally Yours)

The Honorable 2002

  • Format: DVD

For the protection of a city. For the love of a woman. For the honor of one man. Andre Siegel (Dominiquie Vandenberg) is a former member of the French Foreign Legion. In a horrifying and gut-wrenching encounter against a massive militia force, Andre witnesses half of his platoon wiped out. Working

The Honorable