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The Silence 2006

  • Format: DVD

A policeman (Richard Roxburgh) traumatised by a recent incident is relegated to curating a police photographic exhibition. His obsession with the exhibition photos, which suggest connections between a series of murders, opens a Pandora's box with dangerous and irreversible results.

The Silence

Love Child - Season 1 2014

  • Format: DVD

Set in 1969 in Kings Cross, Love Child follows characters caught in the crossfire as they live, work and play at the very centre of the cultural and sexual revolution. Their lives intersect between the Haven, a maternity hospital and home for unwed mothers, and the wild streets of Darlinghurst beyond the

Love Child - Season 1

Monkey Puzzle 2008

  • Format: DVD

Set in the canyons of the Blue Mountains, Monkey Puzzle is the story of a journey. Dylan takes his best friend Carl and three others on a trip to find the world's rarest tree. As they descend into the harsh ravines and canyons, the wilderness closes in on them. They come face to face with haunted pasts,

Monkey Puzzle

Brock 2016

  • Format: DVD

Following Peter Brock’s life - from his early racing days in the Austin A30 to his tragic death in Perth - Brock traces the soaring highs and brutal lows of Australia’s most famous racing car driver.