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Blade Trinity 2004

  • Format: DVD

Blade (Snipes) is the only person who can turn the tide of the crisis against the undead blood suckers and prevent the world from becoming a "Planet of the Vampires". To make things a lot harder for Blade, the vampire leadership launches a public relations "smear campaign" against Blade, letting the worl

Blade Trinity

Killer Elite 2011

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

When his mentor (Robert De Niro) is taken captive, a retired member of Britain's Elite Special Air Service (Jason Statham) is forced into action. His mission: kill three assassins dispatched by their cunning leader (Clive Owen).

Killer Elite

Assault on Wall Street 2013

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Jim is an average New Yorker living a peaceful life with a well paying job and a loving family. Suddenly, everything changes when the economy crashes, causing Jim to lose it all. Filled with anger and rage, Jim snaps and goes to extreme lengths to seek revenge for the life taken from him.

Assault on Wall Street

Equilibrium 2002

  • Format: DVD

Delivering awesome high-tech action in the power-packed style of The Matrix and Minority Report, EQUILIBRIUM stars Christian Bale (Reign Of Fire) and Taye Diggs (Chicago) in a thrilling look at a future where the only crime is being human! In an attempt to end wars and maintain peace, mankind has outlawe


Prison Break - Season 2 2006

  • Format: DVD

Lincoln Burrows is the victim of a political conspiracy that is determined to bring him down. After being framed from murder, his brother Michael helps him successfully break out of prison.Now, the brothers must get the heart of the conspiracy before they are silenced..., Episodes include: Manhunt, O

Prison Break - Season 2

The Bag Man 2014

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

A hit man summoned to a motel deep in the bayou by an eccentric mob boss discovers that he's one of several professional killers present. Now, with growing dread, the hired guns wait for the man who called them.

The Bag Man

Breakout 2013

  • Format: DVD

A pair of criminals panic when they realize two children witnessed them committing a murder in the woods. As they attempt to track down and silence the kids, the hunters become the hunted when the kids' father sets out in pursuit.


House of the Rising Sun 2011

  • Format: DVD

While working as a bouncer at a strip club, a former cop with a criminal past finds himself at the center of a violent robbery that exposes secrets he's worked hard to keep hidden. Now, to clear his own name, he has no choice but to mix with the mob.

House of the Rising Sun

A Fighting Man 2014

  • Format: DVD

The story of two men who meet head to head in the ring for a fight that will change their lives. One man fights for redemption and forgiveness while the other fights for hope and change. In the end, win or lose, they realize they need each other to make it through.

A Fighting Man

Prison Break - Season 3 2007

  • Format: DVD

The third season of this thrilling, hyper-paced series picks right up where the last one left off. With much of the crew back in prison at Sona Federal in Panama, Lincoln Burrows has been exonerated from his criminal charges. Michael Scofield, however, is incarcerated once again and is facing a homicide

Prison Break - Season 3

Prison Break - Season 4 2008

  • Format: DVD

Brothers Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) and Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) are on the loose again, after breaking out of a dangerous Panamanian prison, but the shadowy agents who framed Burrows for murder are on their trail, in the fourth season of this popular TV series. And unlike their last br

Prison Break - Season 4

Hijacked 2012

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Special Agent Ross’s plans to reconcile with his ex is ruined when she boards a private jet that is targeted by hijackers working for the same crime lord he is chasing. With no time to inform his team, Ross sneaks on the aircraft before take off and risks it all to save the love of his life. An adrenal


Straw Dogs 2011

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

In Rod Lurie's remake of the controversial 1971 Sam Peckinpah drama, screenwriter David Sumner (James Marsden) relocates with his wife, Amy (Kate Bosworth), to her Mississippi hometown. But as detachment strains their marriage, bigger threats loom in their small town. To Amy's chagrin, David attempts to

Straw Dogs

Primeval 2007

  • Format: DVD

A news team is sent to South Africa to capture and bring home a legendary 25-foot crocodile. Their difficult task turns potentially deadly when a warlord targets them for death.


Escapee 2011

  • Format: DVD

After a class observation trip to a mental hospital, a patient there, Harmon (Dominic Purcell) develops a new found obsession with psychology student Abbey Jones (Christine Evangelista) and escapes in order to pursue her, leaving a trail of death behind him.


Vikingdom 2013

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Haunted by his past, a courageous viking warrior must battle a powerful God. Vikingdom is a fantasy, action adventure about a forgotten king, Eirick, who was tasked with the impossible odds to defeat Thor, the God of Thunder.


Suddenly 2013

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Four assassins, led by Baron, pose as Secret Service agents to commandeer the house of war-widow Ellen, whose home is a prime sniper position for their plan to assassinate the President on his visit to the small town of Suddenly. The men fool the local cops except for one, Todd, a washed-up former war


Officer Down 2012

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

When a cop's crooked past comes back to get him, can he do the right thing, or will he succumb to the threats of his dangerous connections?

Officer Down

Blood Creek 2009

  • Format: DVD

When a family agrees to host an occult-obsessed Nazi scholar in their West Virginia farmhouse prior to World War II, they're transformed into his undead slaves and must kidnap local victims to feed his bloodlust. Years later, an abducted war hero (Dominic Purcell) breaks free from the zombie family's clu

Blood Creek

Threeway 2003

  • Format: DVD

THE PROBLEM WITH SECRETS IS....MOST PEOPLE CAN'T KEEP' EM. In the tradition of steamy noir thrillers like RED ROCK WEST and BEST LAID PLANS comes THREE WAY- a sinfully tasty mix of sex, extortion and murder starring GINA GERSHON (from FACE/OFF), DWIGHT YOKAM (from PANIC ROOM) and ALI LARTER (from FINA