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The Astronaut Farmer 2006

  • Format: DVD

From the time he was a child, Charles Farmer had only one goal: to be an astronaut. Earning his degree in aerospace engineering and joining the Air Force as a pilot, Farmer was a natural for NASA's astronaut training program and was well on his way when a family situation forced him to drop out. But Farm

The Astronaut Farmer

The Judge 2014

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

In "The Judge," Robert Downey Jr. stars as big city lawyer Hank Palmer, who returns to his childhood home where his estranged father, the town's judge (Robert Duvall), is suspected of murder. He sets out to discover the truth and along the way reconnects with the family he walked away from years before.

The Judge

Puss In Boots 2011

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Voiced by Antonio Banderas, the dauntless feline of legend goes on an animated adventure to purloin a priceless golden-egg-laying goose. To help him on his mission, Puss brings along his friends Humpty Dumpty and the super-stealthy Kitty Softpaws.

Puss In Boots

The Informers 2008

  • Format: DVD

Set in the decadent 1980s in Los Angeles, a Hollywood executive (Billy Bob Thornton) plays his ex-wife (Kim Basinger) and his mistress (Winona Ryder) while his son, Graham (Jon Foster), finds himself among a group of brats, including Christie (Amber Heard), who are all caught up in the thick of drugs and

The Informers

Fargo - Season 1 2014

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

The Coen Brothers' Best Picture Oscar nominee transforms into the season's most talked about TV debut. Fargo features a new "true crime" story and new characters...all chilled in the trademark dry wit, murderous mayhem and "Minnesota nice" of the original classic film. Oscar-winner Billy Bob Thornton sta

Fargo - Season 1

Faster 2010

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

On the very day he's released from a 10-year prison sentence, convicted bank robber Driver (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson) hits the streets to take revenge on the men who bungled the job that got him busted and his beloved brother killed. But close on Driver's tail are a driven cop (Billy Bob Thornton) on th


Mr. Woodcock 2007

  • Format: DVD

Taken aback by his mother's wedding announcement, a young man returns home in an effort to stop her from marrying his old high school gym teacher, a man who made high school hell for generations of students.

Mr. Woodcock

The Man Who Wasn't There 2001

  • Format: DVD

THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE is the new film from Joel and Ethan Coen. Set in the summer of 1949, THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE has as its title character Ed Crane (Billy Bob Thornton), a barber in a small northern California town. Ed is dissatisfied with his life, but his wife Doris' (Frances McDormand) infideli

The Man Who Wasn't There

Monster's Ball 2001

  • Format: DVD

In the tradition of films like Dead Man Walking and the Shawshank Redemption comes this hard-hitting drama of prison guard Hank Grotowski (Billy Bob Thornton from The Man Who Wasn't There, A Simple Plan) and the life-changing relationship he has with the wife of a man he executed. Australia's Heath Ledge

Monster's Ball

The Smell of Success 2009

  • Format: DVD

When a tragic accident ends the life of Mr. Rose, the genius behind Rose's Manure Company, the livelihood of its loyal fleet of salesmen threatens to go, as they say, into the toilet. Enter estranged daughter Rosemary, a high-class- cosmetics salesgirl, who steps in to take control. She is not sure she h

The Smell of Success

Johnny Cash - An Anthology Of The Man In Black 2001

  • Format: DVD

Johnny Cash is one of the most imposing and influential figures in the history of music. Emotional and real, his deep baritone voice and percussive guitar style created a bridge among various genres of music and earned him induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and th

Johnny Cash - An Anthology Of The Man In Black

A Simple Plan 1998

  • Format: DVD

The lives of three small town people are turned upside down when they discover a small plane concealed by snow in the mountains. Inside the plane could be the only way out of their insufficient lives, in the form of a duffel bag contains four million in cash next to the dead pilot. Two of the men, Jacob

A Simple Plan

Pushing Tin 1999

  • Format: DVD

Welcome to the fast-paced, superhyped world of air traffic control! John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton are thrill-seeking adrenaline cases who live to compete against each other -- in the control booth and the bedroom. But when Thornton flies the coop, Cusack is left without the partner who's become his

Pushing Tin

U-Turn 1997

  • Format: DVD

A stranger in a strange town has just met a wife with murder on her mind...and a husband who'd pay to see her dead. Now, three people who think their troubles are almost over are about to discover that they're only beginning.


Dead Man 1995

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

Dead Man is the story of a young man's journey, both physically and spiritually, into very unfamiliar terrain. William Blake travels to the extreme western frontiers of America sometime in the second half of the 19th century. Lost and badly wounded, he encounters a very odd, outcast Native American, name

Dead Man

Jayne Mansfield's Car 2012

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

A bittersweet meditation on the aftermath of war, “Jayne Mansfield’s Car” looks at two families, one Southern & one British, in Alabama in 1969. Brought together by the death of a woman who was married first to Jim Caldwell (Robert Duvall) and then to Kingsley Bedford (John Hurt), the families stru

Jayne Mansfield's Car

Eagle Eye 2008

  • Format: DVD, Blu-ray

In the wake of his overachieving twin brother's mysterious death, a young slacker (Shia LaBeouf) learns that he and a single mother (Michelle Monaghan) have been framed as terrorists by an unknown source. As a result of the accusation, the desperate pair is forced into an alliance with a dangerous sleep

Eagle Eye

The Ice Harvest 2005

  • Format: DVD

A wickedly funny thriller that takes moviegoers on a wild ride brimming with larceny, lust and lethal behavior. In icebound Wichita, Kansas, it's Christmas Eve, and this year Charlie Arglist (John Cusack) just might have something to celebrate. Charlie, an attorney for the sleazy businesses of Wichita, a

The Ice Harvest

The Apostle 1997

  • Format: DVD

Eulis 'Sonny' Dewey is a preacher from Texas living a happy life with his beautiful wife Jessie. Suddenly his stable world crumbles: Jessie is having an affair with young minister Horace. Sonny gets enraged and hits Horace with a softball bat, putting him into a coma. After that he leaves town, takes a n

The Apostle

Chopper Chicks In Zombietown 1989

  • Format: DVD

Meet the Cycle Sluts, a rebellious and free spirited gang of female bikers made up of a cast of lesbians, a former homecoming queen and a mute. The Cycle Sluts leave their troubled lives behind to go on a Tour of America. The all-girl motorcycle mamas encounter a town overrun by Zombies created by a loca

Chopper Chicks In Zombietown