Washington: Behind Closed Doors

Washington: Behind Closed Doors

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1977 M Contains sexual references.

Inspired by the events surrounding the Nixon administration and based on a best selling novel, CIA director Bill Martin (Cliff Robertson, Charly, Falcon Crest) knows that an incoming president means a new direction for the country-and another set of eyes on the top secret Primula Report. Martin tries to build a rapport with his new boss, but President Richard Monckton (Jason Robards, All the President's Men) is more interested in settling old scores and cleaning house with the help of the FBI.

Against the backdrop of a war in Southeast Asia and antiwar protests at home, this high-intensity political drama tells the story of an increasingly paranoid president, an administration under siege, and a reckless group of White House aides desperate to hold on to power. Featuring Stefanie Powers (Hart to Hart), Robert Vaughn (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.), and Andy Griffith (Matlock). Special appearance by John Houseman (The Paper Chase).

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550 minutes

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1.33:1 Full Frame
English Dolby Digital
  • Washington: Behind Closed Doors (1977) (Disc 1)
    Episodes 1 - 2

  • Washington: Behind Closed Doors (1977) (Disc 2)
    Episodes 3 - 4

  • Washington: Behind Closed Doors (1977) (Disc 3)
    Episodes 5 - 6


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