Unknown White Male

Unknown White Male

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2005 M Contains Offensive Language.

Sometime between 8pm on July 1st and 7am on July 2nd, 2002, Doug Bruce lost himself. That morning, riding alone on a New York subway headed towards Coney Island, he could not remember his name. Where he worked. Who his friends were. How much money he had in his bank account. He was without his identity.

UNKNOWN WHITE MALE is the true story of how Bruce, a successful former stockbroker, struggles to learn who he was and who he will become. The documentary, produced by Bruce's longtime friend, Rupert Murray, chronicles this profound journey.

Rupert Murray
Documentary , Culture & Society

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92 minutes
Anchor Bay Entertainment

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5 by wendy

Very different movie, but very interesting and scary to think this could happen to any one. He was great to allow his friend to make this. If this interests you watch it you wont be disappointed.

5 by matthoare

Brilliant documentary and only an hour and a half long. Very original and well put together. If you like documentaries, you'll like this.

3 by Caro1234

I knew it was a doc and looked forward to it. It was well paced and the other characters were more interesting than the guy Douglas. I was intrigued with Nina. No wonder they only dated twice! What a drama queen.

3 by Sophia-Colin

Interesting case of sudden amnesia. The increasing attitude was one of that no one really wanted to know why, not the doctors or the patient. The family couldn't face the answers the why's raised... Read more

1 by Grandad1

The advertising blurb for this movie makes it look like a drama where a guy suddenly awakes in a subway and doesn't know where or who he is. We were really disappointed to find out when we put it in... Read more

3 by Bruceter

Really interesting. I did not expect a documentary, but found myself captivated. Itwould be interesting to see how he gets along in the next two years.

2 by Rob & Tara

I wasn't really that interested in this doco/movie after about the first 5 minutes; so I can't really give you much of a helpful review.

4 by Briteeyes

Unknown White Male follows the story behind Doug's mysterious amnesia and it's aftermath effects on his life and those who know him. A touching documentary of rediscovering his family and friends and... Read more

3 by Tai9

An intriguing premise for a doco. Fate has served the guy with total amnesia a real curve ball. Very interesting film, just a little indulgent in parts. Quite compelling.

3 by drumbo2

A story worth watching. Never know when it may happen to a relation

or friend. Well acted.