Top Gear - Revved Up

Top Gear - Revved Up

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Average of 510 ratings: 3.8 Stars

2005 M Contains coarse language.

In between mercilessly pulverising the motoring industry's slackers and bagging themselves a place in the cockpit of the latest, sleekest and fastest drives, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have had some fun racing, crashing and generally mucking about in the most unlikely vehicles. Now direct from the Top Gear bunker, Richard brings us the best, and most requested petrolhead stunts from the unmissable show's recent series.

Documentary , Sports , Planes , Trains & Automobiles

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103 minutes

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5 by misketti

These guys are always good for a laugh and I really enjoyed watching this - even the stuff I'd seen before. Highly recommended, even if you're not into cars.

5 by Gonzoid

Love the car mad buggers. Entertaining, creative, nuts. The funniest presenters on TV and a car show even people not particulary interested in cars can enjoy. Petrol heads are in heaven. Minor gripe... Read more

3 by jammin

Agree with jjwatson, compared to other TV series and movies, it is a very good DVD to watch, and i would recommend it. But, in comparison to other Top Gear DVD's, it is probably not as good as i was... Read more

5 by Nic61

Loved it!! Classic show.. some of the best scenes from the show all rolled into one great watchable program. Would highly recommend if you like the show.

4 by David

Covers th original antics of the Top Gear crew well. It is sometimes hard to believe what these guys get away with

3 by whirlwinds

Always find these funny, this is very interesting.

5 by richo11

These guys are hilarious! Even if your not into cars in a big way its still a must see, purely for the entertainment value.

5 by Ant24

Top Gear is and always will be the best Car Show! they have honest opinions on every car and manufacturer!

This was a good look at some of the great episodes!

5 by Jan54

I think all the family love this program on TV and to see all the best of version is just tremendous, what a good show we all think it's the best show ever, and that includes the chicks as well!!

3 by Maggiesub

Typical Top Gear up to their usual tricks. Always good for a laugh.