Title Classification Rating
1 Add Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid PG
2 Add Unforgiven Get now M
3 Add The Magnificent Seven Get now M
4 Add The Outlaw Josey Wales M
5 Add Dances With Wolves M
6 Add Tombstone Get now M
7 Add High Noon Get now G
8 Add 3:10 to Yuma Get now R13
9 Add Blazing Saddles M
10 Add Once Upon A Time In The West Get now PG
11 Add Rio Bravo Get now G
12 Add The Man From Snowy River PG
13 Add Pale Rider Get now PG
14 Add Silverado Get now PG
15 Add High Plains Drifter Get now R16
16 Add Maverick Get now PG
17 Add Open Range Get now M
18 Add True Grit Get now PG
19 Add The Wild Bunch Get now R16
20 Add Young Guns Get now M
21 Add The Big Country G
22 Add The Cowboys Get now PG
23 Add Big Jake Get now M
24 Add Lonesome Dove M
25 Add Dead Man Get now R18
26 Add The Professionals PG
27 Add Quigley Down Under Get now M
28 Add The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada M
29 Add Chisum Get now PG
30 Add John Wayne Big Westerns: The Undefeated Get now PG
31 Add Jeremiah Johnson PG
32 Add Young Guns II PG
33 Add Rio Lobo Get now PG
35 Add Cat Ballou Get now PG
36 Add Geronimo: An American Legend Get now PG
37 Add Cahill United States Marshal Get now PG
38 Add Red River Get now G
40 Add The War Wagon Get now G
41 Add Brokeback Mountain Get now M
42 Add The Sons Of Katie Elder Get now G
43 Add Shenandoah Get now PG
44 Add North To Alaska Get now PG
45 Add The Comancheros Get now PG
46 Add Joe Kidd Get now M
47 Add The Missing R16
48 Add Little Big Man Get now M
49 Add McCabe and Mrs Miller Get now M
50 Add Two Mules For Sister Sara Get now PG
51 Add A Man Called Horse Get now PG
52 Add Nevada Smith Get now M
53 Add Annie Get Your Gun Get now G
54 Add Hud PG
55 Add My Darling Clementine Get now G
56 Add The Searchers Get now G
57 Add Hondo Get now M
58 Add Wyatt Earp Get now M
59 Add Rooster Cogburn Get now R16
60 Add They Died With Their Boots On Get now PG
61 Add How Green Was My Valley Get now G
62 Add Gunfight At The O.K. Corral Get now PG
63 Add River Of No Return PG
64 Add El Dorado Get now G
65 Add The Horse Soldiers Get now G
66 Add The Ox-Bow Incident Get now PG
67 Add The Man From Snowy River II Get now PG
68 Add The Missouri Breaks R16
69 Add The Alamo G
70 Add Buffalo Girls Get now PG
71 Add Hombre Get now PG
72 Add Bad Girls Get now PG
73 Add Purgatory Get now PG
74 Add No Name on the Bullet Get now PG
75 Add The Long Riders Get now M
76 Add The Long Kill Get now M
77 Add Bend of the River Get now PG
78 Add Winchester '73 Get now G
79 Add Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid M
80 Add Dodge City Get now PG
81 Add Broken Arrow Get now G
83 Add The Magnificent Seven Ride Get now M
84 Add The Proposition Get now R16
85 Add Rio Grande Get now G
86 Add Conagher Get now PG
87 Add The Quick And The Dead Get now M
88 Add Fort Apache Get now G
89 Add Wild In The Country PG
90 Add Will Penny Get now PG
91 Add Seven Men From Now Get now PG
92 Add Ride The High Country Get now PG
93 Add Bandolero! Get now M
94 Add The Gunfighter Get now G
95 Add How The West Was Won Get now G
96 Add John Wayne Big Westerns: The Big Trail Get now PG
97 Add Night Passage Get now PG
98 Add McLintock Get now PG
99 Add A Fistful Of Dynamite M
100 Add The Journeyman Get now M