Title Classification Rating
1 Add Band Of Brothers M
2 Add Schindler's List Get now M
3 Add Saving Private Ryan R15
4 Add The Pianist Get now R15
5 Add The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Get now M
6 Add The Great Escape Get now G
7 Add Das Boot Get now M
8 Add Gladiator Get now M
9 Add Full Metal Jacket Get now R16
10 Add Apocalypse Now Redux Get now R16
11 Add Downfall (Der Untergang) Get now R13
12 Add Enemy At The Gates R15
13 Add Platoon Get now M
14 Add Empire Of The Sun Get now PG
15 Add Lawrence Of Arabia Get now PG
16 Add We Were Soldiers Get now R16
17 Add Black Book Get now R16
18 Add 300 Get now R16
19 Add Inglourious Basterds Get now R16
20 Add The Last Of The Mohicans PG
21 Add The Reader Get now R16
22 Add Defiance Get now M
23 Add The Book Thief Get now PG
24 Add The Pacific R15
25 Add Battle Of Britain PG
26 Add The Bridge On The River Kwai Get now G
27 Add Grave of the Fireflies Get now M
28 Add Generation Kill R16
29 Add The Dirty Dozen Get now M
30 +1 Add Hacksaw Ridge Get now R15
31 -1 Add Where Eagles Dare Get now PG
32 Add Children of the Silk Road Get now M
33 Add The Guns Of Navarone Get now PG
34 Add Glory Get now M
35 Add A Bridge Too Far M
36 Add Black Hawk Down R16
37 Add Zulu PG
38 Add The Hurt Locker Get now R16
39 Add The Dambusters PG
40 Add Legends Of The Fall M
41 Add The Longest Day Get now PG
42 Add The Deer Hunter Get now R18
43 Add Mongol Get now R16
44 Add Tora! Tora! Tora! Get now G
45 Add Paradise Road M
46 Add War Horse Get now M
47 Add Memphis Belle Get now PG
48 Add Eye in the Sky Get now M
49 Add Brotherhood Of War (Taegukgi hwinalrimyeo) Get now R16
51 Add Patton Get now PG
52 Add The Battle Of Algiers Get now M
53 Add American Sniper Get now R16
54 Add No Man's Land Get now R13
55 Add Fury Get now R16
56 Add Atonement Get now M
57 Add Kelly's Heroes Get now PG
58 Add Gallipoli Get now PG
59 Add Letters From Iwo Jima Get now R15
60 Add The Patriot Get now R15
61 Add Divided We Fall Get now M
62 Add All Quiet On The Western Front Get now PG
63 Add Beneath Hill 60 Get now M
64 Add To End All Wars Get now R16
65 Add The Cruel Sea Get now PG
66 Add All Quiet On The Western Front Get now PG
67 Add Battle Of The Bulge Get now PG
68 Add Flyboys Get now M
70 Add The Battle of Red Cliff Get now M
71 Add Midway Get now PG
72 Add Ice Cold In Alex Get now PG
73 Add Enigma Get now M
74 Add Paths Of Glory Get now PG
75 Add Fugitive Pieces Get now M
76 Add The Eagle Has Landed Get now PG
77 Add The Caine Mutiny G
78 Add Cross Of Iron R18
79 Add Cold Mountain Get now R16
80 Add The Way Back Get now M
82 Add Tears Of The Sun Get now R16
83 Add Three Kings Get now R16
85 Add Winter in Wartime Get now M
86 Add The Blue Max Get now PG
87 Add Elizabeth: The Golden Age Get now M
88 Add Flags Of Our Fathers Get now R15
89 Add Green Zone Get now M
90 Add The Wind That Shakes The Barley Get now R15
91 Add The Water Diviner Get now M
92 Add Hamburger Hill Get now M
93 Add U-571 Get now M
94 Add The Thin Red Line Get now M
96 Add Red Cliff: Part 1 & 2 M
97 Add North And South - The Trilogy: The Complete Collection M
98 Add Saving Private Ryan World War II Collection R15
99 Add Musa: The Warrior Get now R16
100 Add Charlotte Gray Get now M