Title Classification Rating
1 Add Top Gear - The Challenges Get now PG
2 Add Top Gear - The Great Adventures: Polar Special Get now PG
3 Add Remember The Titans Get now PG
4 Add The Hurricane M
5 Add Million Dollar Baby Get now M
6 Add Top Gear - Revved Up Get now PG
7 Add When We Were Kings Get now PG
8 Add Cinderella Man Get now M
9 Add Coach Carter Get now M
10 Add Top Gear: The Great Adventures - US Special Get now PG
11 Add Cool Runnings Get now PG
12 Add Top Gear - Winter Olympics Get now PG
13 Add Radio Get now PG
14 Add Goal! Get now PG
15 Add Happy Gilmore Get now M
16 Add NBA - Michael Jordan His Airness Get now G
17 Add Murderball Get now M
18 Add Phar Lap G
19 Add Raging Bull Get now R18
20 Add Gridiron Gang Get now M
21 Add Glory Road Get now PG
22 Add Step Into Liquid Get now PG
23 Add We Are Marshall Get now PG
24 Add Bend It Like Beckham Get now PG
25 Add The Greatest Game Ever Played Get now PG
26 Add The Flying Scotsman Get now M
27 Add The Endless Summer II G
28 Add Seabiscuit Get now M
29 Add Pulp Sport - Volume 2 M
30 Add Slap Shot Get now R16
31 Add Dogtown And Z-Boys Get now M
32 Add Invincible Get now PG
33 Add Stickmen Get now R16
34 Add Fight Night - Vol. 6: Muhammad Ali vs Ken Norton Get now PG
35 Add Clarkson - Good, The Bad & The Ugly Get now PG
36 Add Unleashed/Road To Madness Box M
37 Add Crackerjack Get now M
38 Add The Replacements Get now M
39 Add There's Only One Jimmy Grimble Get now M
40 Add Pumping Iron Get now PG
41 Add Miracle Get now PG
42 Add Clarkson - Supercar Showdown Get now PG
43 Add First Descent Get now M
44 Add Riding Giants Get now M
45 Add Drumline Get now PG
46 Add The Doctor, The Tornado And The Kentucky Kid Get now M
47 Add The Longest Yard Get now M
48 Add The WaterBoy Get now M
49 Add Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise And Fall Of Jack Johnson Get now M
50 Add Gladiator Get now M
51 Add Shaolin Soccer Get now PG
52 Add Vans Triple Crown of Surfing '04 Get now M
53 Add The Benchwarmers Get now PG
54 Add Stick It Get now PG
55 Add Lords Of Dogtown M
56 Add Any Given Sunday Get now M
57 Add The Legend Of Bagger Vance Get now PG
58 Add Fight Night - Vol. 3: Sugar Ray Get now PG
59 Add A League Of Their Own Get now PG
60 Add Hoop Dreams Get now M
61 Add Michael Jordan - To The Max Get now PG
63 Add Mean Machine Get now M
64 +1 Add V8 Supercars Greatest Hits G
65 -1 Add NBA - The NBA's 100 Greatest Plays Get now G
66 Add Jonah Lomu - Icon Get now G
67 Add NBA Street Series: Dunks! - Vol. 1 Get now G
69 Add Cold Fusion (Warren Miller's) Get now G
70 Add Swimming Upstream Get now M
71 Add Footy Legends Get now PG
72 Add The Smashing Machine: The Life and Times of Mark Kerr Get now R16
73 Add Jeremy Clarkson - Motorsport Mayhem Get now PG
74 Add Dodgeball Get now M
75 Add Cup, The (Phörpa) Get now PG
76 Add Blades Of Glory Get now M
77 Add Bobby Jones - Stroke of Genius Get now PG
78 Add The Natural Get now PG
79 Add The Rookie Get now G
80 Add Facing The Giants Get now PG
81 Add Field Of Dreams Get now PG
82 Add Ali Get now M
83 Add Olympic Series, The - Golden Moments 1920-2002 G
84 Add Hoffman Bikes Testimony Get now M
85 Add WWE - Wrestlemania XX M
86 Add Top Gear - The Challenges 2 PG
87 Add Days Of Thunder Get now PG
88 Add Warren Miller's Impact Get now G
89 Add WWE - Royal Rumble '05 Get now M
90 Add Fight Night - Vol. 8: Muhammad Ali - Three Classic Fights Get now M
91 Add The Football Factory Get now R18
92 Add He Got Game Get now R16
93 Add Storm (Warren Miller's) Get now G
94 Add Legends of Football - Maradona Get now G
95 Add Extreme Surfing Get now G
96 Add Local Boys Get now M
97 Add Out Cold Get now M
98 +1 Add Yearbook - Skiing Class Of 2004 Get now M
99 -1 Add Larry Bird - A Basketball Legend Get now G
100 Add Cricket in the '80s - Rookies, Rebels & Renaissance Get now E