Title Classification Rating
1 Add The Fifth Element Get now PG
2 Add Blade Runner: The Final Cut M
3 Add Transformers Get now M
4 Add 12 Monkeys Get now M
5 Add Blade Runner M
6 Add E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial PG
7 Add Stargate Get now PG
8 Add Serenity Get now M
9 Add Gattaca Get now M
10 Add Total Recall Get now M
11 Add Apollo 13 Get now PG
12 Add The Abyss M
13 Add The Thing Get now R16
14 Add The Butterfly Effect Get now R16
15 Add I Am Legend M
16 Add Minority Report Get now M
17 Add Ghost In The Shell - Special Edition Get now M
18 Add Close Encounters Of The Third Kind PG
19 Add Dark City - Director's Cut Get now M
20 Add I, Robot Get now M
21 Add The Right Stuff PG
22 Add The Day The Earth Stood Still Get now G
23 Add Children Of Men Get now R16
24 Add 28 Days Later Get now R16
25 Add 2001: A Space Odyssey PG
26 Add Equilibrium Get now M
27 Add Contact Get now M
29 Add Galaxy Quest Get now PG
30 Add Frequency Get now M
31 Add Forbidden Planet G
32 Add Flight Of The Navigator Get now G
33 Add Batteries Not Included PG
34 Add The Time Machine Get now PG
36 Add The Island Get now M
37 Add Armageddon Get now M
38 Add K-PAX Get now M
39 Add Next Get now M
40 Add Brazil Get now M
41 Add Demolition Man Get now M
42 Add Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Get now PG
43 Add Cube Get now M
44 Add Cocoon Get now PG
45 Add Logan's Run Get now PG
46 Add 1984 Get now M
47 Add Krull Get now G
48 Add Event Horizon Get now R18
49 Add Metropolis (Reconstructed & Restored) Get now PG
50 Add 5ive Days To Midnight Get now M
52 Add The X-Files Movie Get now M
53 Add Men In Black Get now M
54 Add Aeon Flux Get now M
55 Add Paycheck Get now M
56 Add Explorers Get now G
57 Add The One Get now M
58 Add Artificial Intelligence: AI PG
59 Add The Incredible Hulk Get now M
60 Add Bicentennial Man Get now PG
61 Add Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Get now M
62 Add Outbreak Get now M
63 Add Forever Young Get now PG
64 Add Escape From Absolom (No Escape) Get now M
65 Add The Thirteenth Floor Get now M
66 Add Them! Get now M
67 Add Dune (Extended Version) Get now PG
68 Add 2010: The Year We Make Contact Get now PG
69 Add Starman Get now PG
70 Add The Andromeda Strain Get now PG
71 Add Firestarter PG
72 Add Titan A.E. Get now PG
73 Add The Faculty Get now M
74 Add Battlestar Galactica Get now PG
75 Add Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Get now M
76 Add Fahrenheit 451 Get now PG
77 Add The Arrival Get now M
78 Add Altered States R16
79 Add Fantastic Voyage G
80 Add The Day After Tomorrow Get now M
81 Add Fantastic Four Get now PG
82 Add Men In Black II Get now M
83 Add Jumper M
84 Add Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer Get now PG
85 Add Signs M
86 Add Deep Impact Get now M
87 Add Mars Attacks! M
88 Add The 6th Day Get now M
89 Add Reign Of Fire Get now M
90 Add Cypher Get now M
91 Add Spaceballs Get now PG
92 Add eXistenZ Get now M
93 Add Space Cowboys Get now PG
94 Add Superman II Get now PG
95 Add Cocoon - The Return Get now PG
96 Add Strange Days Get now R18
97 Add Soylent Green Get now PG
98 Add The War Of The Worlds Get now PG
99 Add Capricorn One Get now PG
100 Add Primer M