Title Classification Rating
1 Add Pan's Labyrinth R16
2 Add The Shining Get now R16
3 Add Shaun Of The Dead Get now R13
4 Add Interview with the Vampire Get now R16
5 Add The Lost Boys M
6 Add Psycho Get now M
7 Add Army Of Darkness Get now M
8 Add The Thing Get now R16
9 Add Saw Get now R18
10 Add From Dusk Till Dawn R18
11 Add Sleepy Hollow M
12 Add Dawn Of The Dead Get now R16
13 Add Constantine M
14 Add 28 Days Later Get now R16
15 Add The Evil Dead Get now R16
16 Add The Devil's Advocate Get now R18
17 Add Dawn Of The Dead Get now R16
18 Add The Others Get now M
19 Add Final Destination Get now R16
20 Add Bram Stoker's Dracula Get now M
21 Add Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn Get now R16
22 Add Stir Of Echoes Get now R16
23 Add The Devil's Backbone Get now R16
24 Add 28 Weeks Later Get now R18
25 Add Planet Terror Get now R16
26 Add Final Destination 2 Get now R16
27 Add From Hell Get now R16
28 Add Thir13en Ghosts (Thirteen Ghosts) Get now R16
29 Add Stigmata R16
30 Add An American Werewolf In London Get now R16
31 Add Saw IV Get now R18
32 Add The Orphanage R13
33 Add King Kong Get now PG
34 Add Christine Get now M
35 Add Night Of The Living Dead Get now R16
36 Add Nosferatu M
37 Add Van Helsing Get now M
38 Add The Exorcism Of Emily Rose Get now M
39 Add Amityville Horror Get now R16
40 Add 1408 Get now M
41 Add The Craft Get now R16
42 Add Re-Animator Get now R16
43 Add 30 Days of Night Get now R16
44 Add The Descent Get now R16
45 Add Stephen King's IT Get now M
46 Add The Mist R16
47 Add [REC] Get now R16
48 Add Bubba Ho-Tep Get now M
49 Add The Faculty Get now M
50 Add The Wicker Man R16
51 Add Frailty Get now R16
52 +1 Add Eraserhead Get now M
53 -1 Add Shadow Of The Vampire R13
54 Add Freaks Get now PG
55 Add Ravenous Get now R18
56 Add Lake Placid Get now M
57 Add Near Dark Get now R16
58 Add The Haunting Get now R16
59 Add In The Mouth Of Madness Get now M
60 Add Nosferatu M
61 Add Fido Get now R13
62 Add Gothika Get now R16
63 Add Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Get now R16
64 Add Hostel Get now R18
65 Add See No Evil Get now R18
66 Add Black Sheep Get now R13
67 Add The Abominable Dr. Phibes Get now M
68 Add Final Destination 3 Get now R16
69 Add Brotherhood Of The Wolf (Le Pacte des Loups) Get now R16
70 Add Texas Chainsaw Massacre Get now R18
71 Add Godzilla Get now PG
72 Add Nosferatu/Vampyr Get now M
73 Add Ghost Ship Get now R16
74 Add Wrong Turn Get now R16
75 Add Dog Soldiers Get now R16
76 Add The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Get now R18
77 Add The Devil's Rejects Get now R18
78 Add High Tension (Haute Tension) Get now R18
79 Add The Host Get now M
80 Add The Prophecy Get now R16
81 Add Friday The 13th Get now R16
82 Add Stay Alive Get now R16
83 Add Kingdom Hospital M
84 Add The Wicker Man - Director's Cut Get now R16
85 Add Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Get now M
86 Add Fright Night Get now M
87 Add White Noise: The Light Get now M
88 Add Vampires (John Carpenter's) Get now R18
89 Add The Hitcher Get now R16
90 Add Cujo (Stephen King's) Get now R16
91 Add Thinner Get now M
92 Add Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives Get now R16
93 Add Twilight Zone: The Movie PG
94 Add Kwaidan Get now PG
95 Add Zombie Flesh Eaters Get now R16
96 Add The Innocents PG
97 Add Tales Of Terror Get now M
98 Add Witchfinder General R
99 Add Godzilla 2000 Get now PG
100 Add Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters & Godzilla vs The Cosmic Monsters Get now PG