Title Classification Rating
1 Add The Shawshank Redemption R16
2 Add Band Of Brothers M
3 Add Forrest Gump M
4 Add The Green Mile R16
5 Add Schindler's List Get now M
6 Add The World's Fastest Indian Get now PG
7 Add American History X Get now R16
8 Add One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Get now PG
9 Add Pulp Fiction Get now R18
10 Add Braveheart Get now R16
11 Add The Notebook Get now PG
12 Add Hotel Rwanda Get now M
13 Add The Pianist Get now R15
14 Add Juno Get now M
15 Add Reservoir Dogs Get now R18
16 Add GoodFellas Get now R16
17 Add 12 Angry Men Get now M
18 Add Casablanca Get now PG
19 Add Gandhi Get now PG
20 Add Freedom Writers M
21 Add Cinema Paradiso (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso) M
22 Add Walk The Line Get now M
23 Add Crash Get now R16
24 Add The Last King Of Scotland Get now R16
25 Add Full Metal Jacket Get now R16
26 Add The Motorcycle Diaries Get now M
27 Add E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial PG
28 Add Apocalypse Now Redux Get now R16
29 Add Stand By Me Get now M
30 Add Scarface Get now R18
31 Add The Sound Of Music PG
32 Add Empire Of The Sun Get now PG
33 Add To Kill A Mockingbird Get now PG
34 Add Amadeus Get now PG
35 Add The Power Of One Get now PG
36 Add Remember The Titans Get now PG
37 Add Dead Poets Society Get now PG
38 Add Chinatown Get now R16
39 Add In The Name Of The Father Get now PG
40 Add Something The Lord Made Get now M
41 Add It's A Wonderful Life Get now PG
42 Add The Kite Runner Get now M
43 Add August Rush Get now PG
44 Add Some Like It Hot Get now PG
45 Add Papillon Get now PG
46 Add The Hurricane M
47 Add Million Dollar Baby Get now M
48 Add Ray Get now M
49 Add Catch Me If You Can M
50 Add The Pursuit Of Happyness Get now M
51 Add Rain Man PG
52 Add A Beautiful Mind M
53 Add The Illusionist Get now M
54 Add Cinderella Man Get now M
55 Add Cool Hand Luke PG
56 Add What's Eating Gilbert Grape Get now PG
57 Add Coach Carter Get now M
58 Add American Gangster Get now R16
59 Add Ever After PG
60 Add Miss Potter Get now G
61 Add Mississippi Burning Get now M
62 Add Dirty Dancing Get now PG
63 Add Billy Elliot M
64 Add I Am Sam Get now M
65 Add Into The Wild M
66 Add The Life Of David Gale Get now R16
67 Add Elizabeth Get now R16
68 Add Casino Get now R18
69 Add Fried Green Tomatoes Get now PG
70 Add Amazing Grace Get now PG
71 Add Dead Man Walking Get now R16
72 Add Donnie Brasco Get now R16
73 Add Frida Get now R13
74 Add Sunset Boulevard Get now PG
75 Add The Bridge On The River Kwai Get now G
76 Add Dear Frankie Get now M
77 Add Awakenings Get now PG
78 Add Song For A Raggy Boy Get now R16
79 Add Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont Get now M
80 Add Goodbye Bafana Get now M
81 Add Midnight Express Get now R16
82 Add Men Of Honour Get now M
84 Add Green Street Hooligans (Hooligans) Get now R18
85 Add All The President's Men R16
86 Add Pierrepoint Get now M
87 Add A Walk To Remember Get now PG
88 Add Radio Get now PG
89 Add Goal! Get now PG
90 Add Children of the Silk Road Get now M
91 Add The Killing Fields Get now M
92 Add My Left Foot Get now PG
93 Add On The Waterfront Get now PG
94 Add American Beauty R16
95 Add Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Get now PG
96 Add Erin Brockovich Get now M
97 Add Memoirs Of A Geisha Get now M
98 Add The Station Agent Get now M
99 Add Mystic River Get now R16
100 Add The Rock Get now R16