Title Classification Rating
1 Add Forrest Gump M
2 Add Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels R18
3 Add Amelie Get now M
4 Add Fight Club Get now R18
5 Add Shrek PG
6 Add Snatch Get now R18
7 Add Juno Get now M
8 Add Monty Python And The Holy Grail Get now PG
9 Add Monty Python's - Life Of Brian M
10 Add Trainspotting R18
11 Add Wallace & Gromit - 3 Cracking Adventures G
12 Add Love Actually M
13 Add Fargo R18
14 Add The Castle M
15 Add The Blues Brothers Get now M
16 Add Father Ted - Complete Series M
17 Add Dr. Strangelove Get now PG
18 Add The Sting Get now PG
19 Add Danny Bhoy: Live at the Sydney Opera House Get now M
20 Add Mary Poppins Get now G
21 Add Some Like It Hot Get now PG
22 Add Singin' In The Rain G
23 Add This Is Spinal Tap Get now PG
24 Add Shrek 2 Get now PG
25 Add Ricky Gervais - Live: Animals R16
26 Add Little Miss Sunshine Get now R13
27 Add Chocolat Get now M
28 Add Shaun Of The Dead Get now R13
29 Add Hot Fuzz R13
30 Add Pretty Woman PG
31 Add 10 Things I Hate About You Get now PG
32 Add O Brother, Where Art Thou? M
33 Add What's Eating Gilbert Grape Get now PG
34 Add Thank You For Smoking Get now M
35 Add The Big Lebowski Get now R16
36 Add High Fidelity M
37 Add Cool Runnings Get now PG
38 Add Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life Get now R16
39 Add Ferris Bueller's Day Off Get now PG
40 Add Goodbye Lenin! Get now M
41 Add Fried Green Tomatoes Get now PG
42 Add Sense & Sensibility Get now G
43 Add Waking Ned Devine PG
44 Add Billy Connolly - Live At The Odeon Hammersmith London Get now R
45 Add Army Of Darkness Get now M
46 Add Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont Get now M
47 Add Roman Holiday G
48 Add Monty Python's - And Now For Something Completely Different Get now PG
50 Add Saving Grace Get now M
51 Add Harvey PG
52 Add American Beauty R16
53 Add Four Weddings And A Funeral Get now PG
54 Add Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Get now PG
55 Add There's Something About Mary Get now R16
56 Add All About Eve Get now PG
57 Add Eddie Murphy: Raw Get now R16
58 Add Shirley Valentine Get now PG
59 Add Happy Gilmore Get now M
60 Add Pride & Prejudice G
61 Add The Truman Show Get now PG
62 Add Being John Malkovich Get now M
63 Add The Simpsons Movie Get now PG
64 Add Lord Of War Get now R16
65 Add Nanny McPhee Get now PG
66 Add Ricky Gervais - Live: Politics Get now R16
67 Add Death at a Funeral Get now M
68 Add Eddie Murphy: Delirious Get now R18
69 Add Calendar Girls Get now PG
70 Add Kinky Boots Get now M
71 Add The Philadelphia Story Get now PG
72 Add In Bruges Get now R16
73 Add Dogma R16
74 Add Good Morning, Vietnam Get now PG
75 Add The Breakfast Club Get now M
76 Add Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Get now R18
77 Add Breakfast At Tiffany's Get now PG
78 Add Billy Connolly - Live In New York: Too Old To Die Young Tour 2005 Get now M
79 Add A Fish Called Wanda Get now PG
80 Add Office Space Get now M
81 Add Charlie Chaplin Collection G
82 Add Billy Connolly - Erect For 30 Years Get now M
83 Add Ricky Gervais - Live: Fame Get now M
84 Add Strictly Ballroom PG
85 Add Lars and the Real Girl M
86 Add Saturday Night Live - The Best Of Eddie Murphy PG
87 Add Grosse Pointe Blank M
88 Add Delicatessen Get now M
89 Add Blazing Saddles M
90 Add Keeping Mum Get now M
91 Add Matilda Get now PG
92 Add South Park - Bigger, Longer And Uncut Get now R16
93 Add The Commitments Get now M
94 Add Van Wilder: Party Liaison Get now R16
95 Add Jackass: Number Two - Uncut Get now R16
96 Add Benny & Joon Get now PG
97 Add Billy Connolly - Live: Dublin 2002 Get now M
98 Add Dirty Rotten Scoundrels PG
99 Add Billy Connolly's World Tour - Ireland/England/Wales M