Title Classification Rating
1 Add One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Get now PG
2 Add 12 Angry Men Get now M
3 Add The Great Escape Get now G
4 Add Cinema Paradiso (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso) Get now M
5 Add Blade Runner: The Final Cut Get now M
6 Add Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid Get now PG
7 Add Blade Runner M
8 Add Full Metal Jacket Get now R16
9 Add E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Get now PG
10 Add Apocalypse Now Redux Get now R16
11 Add Dr. Strangelove Get now PG
12 Add The Sound Of Music Get now PG
13 Add To Kill A Mockingbird Get now PG
14 Add The Outlaw Josey Wales Get now M
15 Add Rear Window Get now PG
16 Add Unforgiven Get now M
17 Add The Sting Get now PG
18 Add Chinatown Get now R16
19 Add North By Northwest Get now G
20 Add It's A Wonderful Life Get now PG
21 Add Mary Poppins Get now G
22 Add Some Like It Hot Get now PG
23 Add Singin' In The Rain G
24 Add The Magnificent Seven Get now M
25 Add The Guns Of Navarone Get now PG
26 Add Rain Man Get now PG
27 Add Cool Hand Luke Get now PG
28 Add Seven Samurai (Shichinin no Samurai) Get now PG
29 Add Psycho Get now M
30 Add Sunset Boulevard Get now PG
31 Add The Bridge On The River Kwai Get now G
32 Add Vertigo Get now PG
33 Add Enter The Dragon Get now R16
34 Add Dances With Wolves M
35 Add Midnight Express Get now R16
36 Add Roman Holiday Get now G
37 Add The Dirty Dozen Get now M
38 Add All The President's Men R16
39 Add Ben-Hur (Disc 1 & 2) Get now G
40 Add The Killing Fields Get now M
41 Add On The Waterfront Get now PG
42 Add Harvey Get now PG
43 Add Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Get now PG
44 Add The Third Man Get now G
45 Add Double Indemnity Get now PG
46 Add All About Eve Get now PG
47 Add A Clockwork Orange Get now R18
48 Add Taxi Driver Get now R18
49 Add High Noon Get now G
50 Add The Philadelphia Story Get now PG
51 Add The English Patient Get now M
52 Add It Happened One Night Get now PG
53 Add Breakfast At Tiffany's Get now PG
54 Add Charlie Chaplin Collection G
55 Add The Deer Hunter Get now R18
56 Add Fiddler on the Roof Get now G
57 Add The Italian Job Get now PG
58 Add Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Get now PG
59 Add Blazing Saddles Get now M
60 Add A Man For All Seasons Get now G
61 Add Dog Day Afternoon Get now R18
62 Add Raging Bull Get now R18
63 Add Mr Smith Goes To Washington G
64 Add Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Get now PG
65 Add James Bond 007 - Dr. No Get now M
66 Add Once Upon A Time In The West Get now PG
67 Add Being There Get now PG
69 Add Chariots Of Fire Get now G
70 Add The Hustler Get now PG
71 Add The Birds Get now PG
72 Add Dawn Of The Dead Get now R16
73 Add The Last Emperor Get now PG
74 Add The General Get now G
75 +1 Add Rio Bravo Get now G
76 -1 Add In The Heat Of The Night Get now M
77 Add The Great Dictator Get now G
78 Add To Sir, With Love Get now PG
79 Add What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? Get now M
80 Add Doctor Zhivago Get now PG
81 Add Patton Get now PG
82 Add The Day The Earth Stood Still Get now G
83 Add To Catch A Thief Get now G
84 Add Pale Rider Get now PG
85 Add Anatomy Of A Murder Get now M
86 Add 2001: A Space Odyssey Get now PG
87 Add Dial M For Murder Get now PG
88 Add The Graduate Get now M
89 Add Death on the Nile Get now PG
90 Add The Lavender Hill Mob Get now G
91 Add All Quiet On The Western Front Get now PG
92 Add High Plains Drifter Get now R16
93 Add The Caine Mutiny G
94 Add A Passage To India Get now PG
95 Add The Ten Commandments (Disc 1 & 2) PG
96 Add Deliverance Get now R16
97 Add The Glenn Miller Story Get now G
98 Add Judgement at Nuremberg Get now PG
99 Add The King And I G
100 Add Midnight Cowboy R18