Title Classification Rating
1 Add The World's Fastest Indian Get now PG
2 Add Rabbit Proof Fence Get now PG
3 Add The Castle M
4 Add Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby Get now M
5 Add Danny Bhoy: Live at the Sydney Opera House Get now M
6 Add Whale Rider Get now PG
7 Add In My Father's Den Get now R16
8 Add Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale PG
9 Add Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby - Series 2 M
10 Add Heavenly Creatures Get now PG
11 Add The Piano Get now M
12 Add Goodbye Pork Pie PG
13 Add The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert Get now M
14 Add Strictly Ballroom PG
15 Add Phar Lap G
16 Add Off The Rails - A Love Story PG
17 Add Manapouri - The Toughest Tunnel E
18 Add The Man From Snowy River PG
19 Add Sione's Wedding M
20 Add Kath & Kim - Series 4 PG
21 Add Kenny Get now M
22 Add Muriel's Wedding Get now M
23 Add Pulp Sport - Volume 2 M
24 Add The Frighteners Get now M
25 Add Chopper Get now R18
26 Add Stickmen Get now R16
27 Add Billy T Live Get now PG
28 Add An Angel At My Table Get now M
29 Add Smash Palace Get now R16
30 Add Crackerjack Get now M
31 Add Jessica (Disc 1 & 2) Get now M
32 Add John Safran vs. God M
33 Add War Stories Our Mothers Never Told Us Get now G
34 Add Michael King - History Man Get now G
35 Add Best Of Country Calendar E
36 Add Hunger for the Wild - Series 2 PG
37 Add No. 2 Get now PG
38 Add McLeod's Daughters - Season 6 M
39 Add Second Hand Wedding Get now PG
40 Add The Dish M
41 Add Lantana Get now M
42 Add Romper Stomper Get now R18
43 Add Kiwi Kitchen - Series 1 Get now PG
44 Add Mataku M
45 Add Bodyline - The Complete Mini Series PG
46 Add Kaikohe Demolition Get now PG
47 Add Quigley Down Under Get now M
48 Add Malcolm Get now PG
49 Add Rain of the Children Get now M
50 Add The Laughing Samoans - A Small Samoan Wedding PG
51 Add The Sum Of Us Get now M
52 Add The Lighthorsemen Get now PG
53 Add The Thorn Birds M
54 Add Bra Boys Get now R16
55 Add The Best of Country Calendar 2006 PG
56 Add Brides of Christ M
57 Add The Bank Get now M
58 Add John Safran's Music Jamboree M
59 Add We're Here to Help Get now PG
60 Add Breaker Morant Get now PG
61 Add The Best of Laughing with Samoans Get now G
62 Add Look Both Ways Get now M
63 Add Kiwi Kitchen - Series 2 Get now PG
64 Add The Black Balloon Get now M
65 Add Hunger for the Wild - Series 1 Get now PG
66 Add Bro'Town - Series 3 Get now PG
67 Add Bootmen Get now M
68 Add The Laughing Samoans - Old School PG
69 Add Ten Canoes Get now M
70 Add Swimming Upstream Get now M
71 Add Footy Legends Get now PG
72 Add Ice Get now PG
73 Add Eagle vs Shark Get now M
74 Add Under the Mountain Get now PG
75 Add Scarfies Get now R16
76 Add Candy Get now R18
77 Add Dead Calm Get now M
78 Add Captain's Log Get now G
80 Add The Man Who Sued God Get now M
81 Add Bad Boy Bubby Get now R18
82 Add Rain Get now M
83 Add Savage Honeymoon Get now R15
84 Add Meet the Feebles Get now R16
85 Add Looking For Alibrandi Get now M
86 Add Bro'Town - Series 2 Get now PG
87 Add Two Hands Get now R16
88 Add Her Majesty Get now PG
89 Add Beyond Reasonable Doubt Get now PG
90 Add The Man From Snowy River II Get now PG
91 Add The Shiralee R13
92 Add Jubilee Get now M
93 Add Amy Get now M
94 Add Banana in a Nutshell Get now PG
95 Add Being Eve M
96 Add Colin McCahon: I Am Get now PG
97 Add Bro'Town - Series 4 Get now M
98 Add Flight Of The Albatross Get now G
99 Add Gettin' Square Get now M
100 Add The Tracker Get now M