Title Classification Rating
1 Add Finding Nemo PG
2 Add Monsters, Inc. G
3 Add Spirited Away PG
4 Add Howl's Moving Castle PG
5 Add Shrek PG
6 Add Laputa - Castle In The Sky Get now PG
7 Add Wallace & Gromit - 3 Cracking Adventures G
8 Add Princess Mononoke Get now PG
9 Add The Incredibles PG
10 Add Porco Rosso Get now PG
11 Add Ratatouille Get now PG
12 Add Cars Get now G
13 Add Kiki's Delivery Service G
14 Add The Iron Giant - Special Edition PG
15 Add Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story Get now M
16 Add Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Get now M
17 Add Shrek 2 Get now PG
18 Add The Nightmare Before Christmas Get now PG
19 Add The Little Mermaid G
20 Add Horton Hears a Who! G
21 Add Grave of the Fireflies Get now M
22 Add The Cat Returns Get now G
23 Add Simpsons - Simpsons Dot Com PG
24 Add Over The Hedge PG
25 Add The Simpsons Movie Get now PG
26 Add Pinocchio G
27 Add Flushed Away Get now PG
28 Add A Bug's Life G
29 Add Meet The Robinsons Get now G
30 Add South Park - Bigger, Longer And Uncut Get now R16
31 Add The Triplets Of Belleville Get now PG
32 Add Family Guy - Happy Freakin' Christmas Get now M
33 Add Pooh's Heffalump Movie Get now G
34 Add The Emperor's New Groove G
35 Add The Aristocats G
36 Add Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron Get now PG
37 Add The Castle of Cagliostro Get now PG
38 Add 101 Dalmatians G
39 Add Sleeping Beauty Get now G
40 Add Robots Get now G
41 Add Happy Feet Get now PG
42 Add Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit Get now PG
43 Add Peter Pan G
44 Add The Polar Express Get now G
45 Add Surf's Up Get now G
46 Add Dinosaur PG
47 Add Pixar Short Films Collection - Vol 1 G
48 Add Who Framed Roger Rabbit Get now PG
49 Add Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses G
50 Add Tinker Bell G
51 Add Curious George Get now G
52 Add The Animatrix Get now M
53 Add American Dad! - Volume 2 M
54 +1 Add Cinderella G
55 -1 Add Barbie as Rapunzel Get now G
57 Add Futurama - The Beast With A Billion Backs Get now PG
58 Add The Road To El Dorado Get now G
59 Add Lilo & Stitch G
60 Add Balto Get now G
61 Add Watership Down PG
62 Add South Park - Imaginationland Get now R16
63 Add Tokyo Godfathers Get now M
64 Add Anastasia Get now PG
65 Add Transformers - The Movie (Animated) Get now PG
66 Add Barbie - The Magic Of Pegasus Get now G
67 Add Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Get now PG
68 Add Hercules G
69 Add Barbie Mermaidia G
70 Add Tarzan PG
71 Add Barbie Fairytopia Get now G
72 Add Shark Tale Get now PG
73 Add Shrek the Third Get now PG
74 Add Barbie - The Princess And The Pauper Get now G
75 Add Piglet's Big Movie Get now G
76 Add The Fox And The Hound Get now G
77 Add Chicken Run Get now G
78 Add Barnyard Get now PG
79 Add Pom Poko Get now PG
80 Add Bee Movie Get now G
81 Add Clifford's Really Big Movie Get now G
82 Add Antz PG
83 Add The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Get now G
84 Add A Goofy Movie G
85 Add The Ant Bully Get now G
86 Add Barbie In The Nutcracker Get now G
87 Add Barbie Of Swan Lake G
88 Add The Land Before Time 4 - Journey Through The Mists Get now G
89 Add Futurama - Bender's Game Get now PG
90 Add The Rescuers Get now G
91 Add Pocahontas G
92 Add The Prince Of Egypt Get now G
93 Add Treasure Planet Get now PG
94 Add Atlantis: The Lost Empire PG
95 Add The Land Before Time 11 - Invasion Of The Tinysauruses Get now G
96 Add The Tigger Movie Get now G
97 Add Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas Get now PG
98 Add Charlotte's Web Get now G
99 Add Kim Possible Movie - So The Drama: The Top-Secret Extended Edition Get now G
100 Add Olive the Other Reindeer Get now G