Title Classification Rating
1 Add Blood Diamond Get now R16
2 Add Leon: The Professional Get now R18
3 Add Braveheart Get now R16
4 Add Fight Club Get now R18
5 Add The Fifth Element Get now PG
6 Add Taken R16
7 Add The Great Escape Get now G
9 Add Gladiator Get now M
10 Add James Bond 007 - Casino Royale Get now M
11 Add Transformers Get now M
12 Add Stardust Get now PG
13 Add Shooter R16
14 Add The Blues Brothers Get now M
15 Add Papillon Get now PG
16 Add Stargate Get now PG
17 Add Man On Fire Get now R16
18 Add Hot Fuzz R13
19 Add 300 Get now R16
20 Add Serenity Get now M
21 Add The Hunt For Red October PG
22 Add The Fugitive Get now M
23 Add Apocalypto Get now R16
24 Add The Last Of The Mohicans PG
25 Add Total Recall Get now M
26 Add Heat Get now R16
27 Add Kung Fu Hustle (Gong Fu) Get now M
28 Add Willow Get now PG
29 Add Seven Samurai (Shichinin no Samurai) PG
30 Add The Count Of Monte Cristo Get now M
31 Add The Untouchables Get now M
32 Add Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia) Get now M
33 Add James Bond 007 - Goldfinger Get now PG
34 Add Enter The Dragon Get now R16
35 Add The Dirty Dozen Get now M
36 Add Where Eagles Dare Get now PG
37 Add The Guns Of Navarone Get now PG
38 Add The Italian Job Get now M
39 Add V For Vendetta Get now R13
40 Add Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Get now M
41 Add The Rock Get now R16
42 Add I Am Legend M
43 Add Black Hawk Down R16
44 Add Zulu PG
45 Add Hero (Ying Xiong) Get now PG
46 Add Ronin Get now M
47 Add From Dusk Till Dawn R18
49 Add Goodbye Pork Pie PG
50 Add Training Day Get now R18
51 Add Point Break M
52 Add The Big Blue (Le Grand Bleu) Get now M
53 Add The Guardian Get now M
54 Add The Long Kiss Goodnight Get now R18
55 Add Thelma & Louise Get now M
56 Add The Italian Job Get now PG
57 Add True Romance Get now R18
58 Add Desperado & El Mariachi Get now R18
59 Add Ladyhawke Get now PG
61 Add The Twilight Samurai M
62 Add James Bond 007 - Dr. No Get now M
63 Add James Bond 007 - From Russia With Love Get now PG
64 Add Messenger of Death Get now R16
65 Add James Bond 007 - You Only Live Twice Get now PG
67 Add The Warriors Get now R16
68 Add I, Robot Get now M
69 Add Yojimbo Get now M
70 Add Face/Off Get now R18
71 Add Top Gun Get now PG
72 Add House Of Flying Daggers Get now M
73 Add Four Brothers Get now M
74 Add True Lies M
75 Add Equilibrium Get now M
76 Add Kelly's Heroes Get now PG
77 Add A Knight's Tale Get now M
78 Add Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves Get now PG
79 Add Spy Game Get now M
81 Add The Last Boy Scout R18
82 Add Body of Lies Get now R16
83 Add Patriot Games Get now PG
84 Add RocknRolla Get now R16
85 Add Hitman Get now R16
86 Add Rambo: First Blood Get now M
87 Add Along Came A Spider Get now R13
88 Add Deliverance Get now R16
89 Add Big Trouble In Little China Get now PG
90 Add The Three Musketeers Get now PG
91 Add Clear And Present Danger Get now M
92 Add The Forbidden Kingdom Get now M
93 Add The Snow Walker Get now M
94 Add Bloodsport Get now R16
95 Add Sanjuro Get now PG
96 Add James Bond 007 - Diamonds Are Forever Get now PG
97 Add Bullitt Get now M
98 Add In The Line Of Fire Get now M
99 Add Never Say Never Again PG
100 Add James Bond 007 - Thunderball Get now PG