The Young Victoria

The Young Victoria

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2009 M Contains low level violence.

A dramatisation of the turbulent first years of Queen Victoria's rule. Victoria became queen at 18 and endured a legendary romance and marriage to Prince Albert. Devastated by her husband's death in 1861, she wore black for the rest of her life and remained largely secluded.

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100 minutes

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32 Member Reviews Write a review

3 by chris21

A very nicely done period piece. The manipulators surrounding the young Victoria prey on her inexperience and it is easy to see how they do it. Victoria and Albert are a very believable couple.

4 by mcleans

this movie was lovely - i didnt know the story or the romance and loved how it unfolded. amazing dresses and believable acting it was a fascinating movie full of touching moments and drama.

3.5 by Jenstan

Really enjoyed this movie. The English always produce excellent period dramas and Young Victoria is up there with the best.

Highly recommend.

3.5 by Tenesi

A fine production. Victoria and Albert well cast. Another great English movie.

4 by Stefback

This movie is so beautiful and one seems to wonder if Albert Park by Buckingham Palace is named after Albert. Love how the Germans keep the Monarchy running efficient.

3.5 by Radar001

Good view on their relationship a fine film. The costumes, settings & scenery very well done. The main characters were very well acted.

3.5 by Owlly

Really enjoyed this lovely movie. Great historical settings. We enjoyed the story.

4 by paulac

This movie was lovely. Gorgeous love story, beautifully presented

3 by francesca211

If you enjoy watching historical movies, you will certainly enjoy this one. My 90 year old father watched it with us and loved it. He told us that the only thing he had ever been told about Queen... Read more

5 by chickletducks

Very enjoyable - Emily Blunt was amazing and the costumes / sets were great. I don't really like that they took liberties with the truth, but it was a great story about Victoria and Albert. Very enjoyable... Read more