The Virginian - Season 9 (Final)

The Virginian - Season 9 (Final)

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1970 M Contains sexual violence.

Owen Wister's 1902 western novel The Virginian was one of the first great novels of the American West. Set in the semi-mythical town of Medicine Bow, Wyoming in the 1890s, it chronicled the lives and relationships of the people who came west and settled the wild land. The Virginian was the first 90-minute television western, airing in prime time on NBC from 1962-1971.

After 8 seasons, the long-running and popular series took a new direction, as well as a new title. The show was now set in the 1900's, 10 years after the previous season of The Virginian, and it continued to tell the adventures of The Virginian, James Drury and his friend Trampas, Doug McClure, in Medicine Bow, Wyoming. The Shiloh Ranch has now been bought by an Englishman, Colonel Alan MacKenzie (Stewart Granger), complete with his very own English valet, Parker (John McLiam). Another new cast member was ranch hand Roy Tate, portrayed by a post-Big Valley Lee Majors.

Like all good things, The Virginian, after 9 seasons in the sun, had to come to an end. But The Men From Shiloh gives us all one last look at the seemingly boundless future that was the American West, and the men and women who tamed the rugged land and made their home on the range.

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1829 minutes
Universal Pictures

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  • The Virginian - Season 9 (Final) (1970) (Disc 1)
    Episodes 1 - 3

    The West vs. Colonel MacKenzie
    The Best Man

  • The Virginian - Season 9 (Final) (1970) (Disc 2)
    Episodes 4 - 6

    With Love, Bullets, and Valentines
    The Mysterious Mr. Tate
    Gun Quest

  • The Virginian - Season 9 (Final) (1970) (Disc 3)
    Episodes 7 - 9

    Crooked Corner
    Lady at the Bar
    The Price of the Hanging

  • The Virginian - Season 9 (Final) (1970) (Disc 4)
    Episodes 10 - 12

    Experiment at New Life
    Follow the Leader
    Last of the Comancheros

  • The Virginian - Season 9 (Final) (1970) (Disc 5)
    Episodes 13 - 15

    Nan Allen
    The Politician

  • The Virginian - Season 9 (Final) (1970) (Disc 6)
    Episodes 16 - 18

    The Animal
    The Legacy of Spencer Flats
    The Angus Killer

  • The Virginian - Season 9 (Final) (1970) (Disc 7)
    Episodes 19 - 21

    Flight from Memory
    Tate, Ramrod
    The Regimental Line

  • The Virginian - Season 9 (Final) (1970) (Disc 8)
    Episodes 22 - 24

    The Town Killer
    Wolf Track


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