The Spiderwick Chronicles

The Spiderwick Chronicles

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Average of 1207 ratings: 3.6 Stars

2008 M Parental Guidance Recommended for Younger Viewers.

Their world is closer than you think

When the three Grace children troubled Jared, his bookish twin Simon, and their sister Mallory move to the ancient Spiderwick mansion, they are at first none too enchanted by the run down Victorian, until they discover a Brownie, an enchanted creature, living in the walls.

They soon find a book Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You that will open their eyes to the invisible, odd, and sometimes dangerous world of dragons and boggarts, phookas and fairies, sprites and goblins that is all around them. When they cross paths with Mulgarath, an ogre, they realise quickly that he will stop at nothing to get his hands on the Field Guide.

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96 minutes
Paramount Home Entertainment

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1.85:1 Widescreen
English, English for the hearing impaired
English Dolby Digital 5.1, English Dolby Digital 2.0

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16 Member Reviews Write a review

3 by Rozieflower

This is a great movie for the kids. It has all the imaginative beings you could think of. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to any fantasy goer.

4 by Ricky

The kids loved this movie and watched it a couple of times

5 by kandyfatsodvd

Children glued to the Tv because of the suspense and intrigue and monsters a great movie to keep them quiet

4 by neo

A great story and was acted very well as well. Worth a watch for grown up kids and for a family watch, I enjoyed very much

3 by Psy

Great for the kids. Major plot flaw in that Lucinda as a girl looked to be ten or eleven, but was said to be six and a half. Typical storyline of good v evil. Good acting by the three children and Spiderwick... Read more

4 by maglil

Good family movie of imagination adventures. Is typical of its genre, with the sulky disbelieved child coming up trumps after also being the one who starts the mystical troubles, then bringing the family together to fight the mythical beings.

3 by Cecille

Was a bit disappointed with this but I'm not sure why!

The effects were good but just didn't capture my imagination! And the story left a lot of areas that were not practical - I didn't really... Read more

3 by Tubbs

Male kids are annoying and all are noisy but the creatures and visuals make up for it.

2.5 by rowie2shoes

Pleasant enough. Predictable. Actors were believably earnest. Nice effect. Kids will love it.

5 by Aziraphael

I love this movie, a fantasy adventure even a pair of 20 year olds enjoyed. Very good CGI too.