The Office - Christmas Specials

The Office - Christmas Specials

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Average of 1628 ratings: 4.0 Stars

2004 M Contains offensive language and sexual references.

The only British sitcom ever to win a Golden Globe returns for two final extended episodes. Much has happened since our last visit to Wernam Hogg. David Brent released a pop single, Gareth was promoted and Tim said goodbye to Dawn.

Now we follow chilled-out entertainer David as he hits the road in search of fame, fortune and romance. He is promising to show off his new girlfriend at the office Christmas reunion. The only problem is he doesn't have one yet.

Meanwhile Tim is battling with a new colleague... and some old feelings. Dawn has started a new life abroad but she's coming back for one night only. Will the flame still be burning?

The Office finale is "wincemakingly hilarious, deliciously touching and perfectly emotionally pitched" (The Observer) and has already been declared the perfect conclusion to a modern classic.

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186 minutes

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4 by Iamthelizardqueen.

Takes the characterizations to their logical conclusions and slips in a twee little womantic arc to take the edge off the eye-gouging choke hold thrown down by Gervais. You almost want to run screaming but it's just too funny & nasty. Primo.

5 by Bolta2011

Best Finale Ever!!!! If you have seen the rest of the series it is vital you watch this. Aaaah closure. I love you. This is why I haven't watched the American version.

2 by Sandy77

Much of this is funny in a quirky sort of way but it is much slower than the original series. Slow enough that I eventually lost interest

4 by Richdoll

Awesome DVD, great, funny a real hoot, well recommend. It would help if you watch the first series :)

4 by GibbyandPaul

These 2 episodes were 2 of the better ones! David Brent is his classic tactless git, many major cringe factor scenes in this one.

5 by Grayo

You must see the previous 2 series to appreciate this finale. The acting is superb, the' plot' so very believable. Classic British understated comedy at its very best. Tim, Dawn, Amp& David all have happy endings...ahhhhh!!

5 by Lethal1

A classic Television series anyone who has worked in a modern office environment will recognise at least one of the characters. Done in a "fly on the wall" style the humour is dry and the atmosphere realistic. Excellent viewing.

5 by sham1

As good as any of the episodes in the first two series. David Brent, the manager of a stationery supplies has this amazing ability to make you cringe to the point where you want to smack the telly... Read more

3 by Paul150

To mind my nowhere near as good as the original series (or on fact all twelve episodes) but the "special" was interesting with Rickie trying to stay exactly in character as David Brent while talking... Read more

5 by Jac10

Having watched "The Office" avidly on TV - often from a hiding place behind a cushion - I was a little nervous about watching the sequel, as the series' ending had been so well crafted. However, the... Read more