The Musketeers - Series 3

The Musketeers - Series 3

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2016 M Contains violence and sexual references.

A dark new chapter unfolds...

In war-torn France, a sinister new battle awaits the Musketeers. The swashbuckling hit series returns for a thrilling third instalment. The royal bodyguards for Louis XIII Athos (Tom Burke, War & Peace), Aramis (Santiago Cabrera, Heroes), Porthos (Howard Charles, Need for Speed) and d Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino, Skins) are back to combat a dangerous new enemy lurking in the shadows of the city. The Musketeers will face their most treacherous test yet. It s a task that will challenge their allegiances to the crown, throw their personal lives into turmoil and compromise their loyalty to those they love and to each other.

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  • The Musketeers - Series 3 (2016) (Disc 1)

  • The Musketeers - Series 3 (2016) (Disc 2)

  • The Musketeers - Series 3 (2016) (Disc 3)


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