The Last Station

The Last Station

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2009 M Contains sex scenes.

Set during the last year of Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy's life, this biopic explores the fractious relationship between Tolstoy (Oscar nominee Christopher Plummer) and his wife (Oscar nominee Helen Mirren), as he embraces a life of asceticism. Paul Giamatti co-stars as impassioned Tolstoy devotee Vladimir Chertkov, with James McAvoy playing the aging writer's assistant, Valentin, who is caught in the middle of various struggles.

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112 minutes

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4 by Psy

Allowing for the fact that focus of this movie was Tolstoy's tempestuous relationship with his wife, then it is a brilliant movie with great direction and acting, with a stunning performance by Helen... Read more

3 by Iamthelizardqueen.

While most of the performances are solid, there's just too much ropey melodrama here and it starts to drag a leg in the third act. Lovingly staged and costumed, though. Worth a look.

5 by ElsieV

I thought this was an excellent film with very strong performances from the main characters and such an interesting topic. Thoroughly enjoyable viewing for anyone interested in Tolstoy, his work, his ideals and pre-Revolution Russia

5 by igram

I loved this film. The performances by Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer were particularly strong and very moving.

5 by Memsahib

Superb performances, outstanding settings and delightful music all blended to make this a memorable experience. Very highly recommended.

4 by jillsim

Grrat movie, acting superb, Hele Mirren never fails . Would now love to know more of the life of leo Tolstoy. Would recommned this movie .

2.5 by addy

There's something phony about this film, and it's probably because everyone's speaking with immaculate British accents and it's set in Russia. Lots of bellowing and important, stagy acting going on to little effect.

4 by Lennie

Helen Mirren is stunning in this film. And Christopher Plummer makes a great Tolstoy at the end of his life. Also thought James McAvoy was commendable as the secretary. Loved this film. The locations... Read more

4 by Tubbs

Although the editing was noticeable at times the script is strong, the plot interesting,and the props/locations are great - but above all there is a top actress at the top of her form.

4 by Watcher

Focuses on only 1 aspect of Tolstoy's life - the end, which kept me totally glued even though I wanted to turn it off. Excellent line up of actors who carried this based on fact story.