The History Boys

The History Boys

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Average of 967 ratings: 3.4 Stars

2006 M Contains offensive language and sexual references.

Meet The Boys Who Are Making History!

An unruly collection of clever but crass Thatcher-era English high-school students seek to earn the scores needed to enrol in Oxford and Cambridge in director Nicholas Hytner and screenwriter Alan Bennett's screen adaptation of Bennett's Tony-winning play. The History Boys focuses on a group of eight students, all of them deemed by their overeager headmaster (Clive Merrison) to be the best and the brightest. Though they've been coddled by their humanities-loving instructor, Hector (Richard Griffiths), and their acerbic history teacher, Mrs. Lintott (Frances de la Tour), the boys are deemed in need of additional tutoring; thus, the brash, young Irwin (Stephen Campbell Moore) is recruited to challenge them further. The subtle power games the boys used to their advantage with their previous tutors are of no use with Irwin, whose wit borders on the callous. Meanwhile, Irwin's presence -- and a hush-hush scandal -- forces all of the faculty members to reassess their position at the school. Hytner shot The History Boys shortly after the play's Broadway run, to capitalize on the enthusiasm and energy exhibited in the live shows

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109 minutes
20th Century Fox

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5 by David J.

"The History Boys" is a triumph for the actors and for the playwright, Alan Bennett, who first won fame in the British comedy revue, "Beyond the Fringe" with Dudley Moore, Peter Cook and Jonathan Miller... Read more

4 by Carol

Very impressed with this movie containing a cast of lesser known actors. A group of top grammar school students being groomed for places at Oxford University.

5 by Simon

Charming, sharp, funny and sad. You can't help feeling involved with the characters!

5 by Ricky

A great movie, quirky story line, great acting and some classic one liners - all that you would expect from a great British film.

4 by Keaap

It is a very smart movie with lots of clever lines and heaps of literature depth - I love it but my partner thought it's a bit lengthy and We loved the French drama part:-)

3 by vidwatcha

Not a bad film, typical brittish style of film, solid acting.

5 by kcr

If you like Alan Bennett then you will give this film 5 stars too. However this film is certainly not for everyone and I will go as far as to say there are people who will absolutely hate it.

2 by mcjadt

Rather dated adaptation of a stage play. There are some lovely performances, but overall seems very old fashioned and not terribly insightful or witty. I just didn't find myself interested in the... Read more

4.5 by addy

It's brilliantly written and very funny and touching, as you would expect from Alan Bennett. But judging from some of the pathetic adolescent comments below, the gay aspects of the story are still issues... Read more

4 by Tommy

A great movie, very charming and very British. I came into this with no expectations really, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters are involving and interesting and the movie has a good pace.... Read more