The Hidden

The Hidden

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Average of 86 ratings: 3.4 Stars

1987 M Contains violence.

A new breed of criminal.

Something hideous is changing law-abiding citizens into monstrous, hyper-violent psychopaths. Now, only Kyle MacLachlan (Showgirls, Twin Peaks) and Michael Nouri (Flashdance) can halt the horrifying rampage of The Hidden! A series of bizarre, inexplicable robberies and murders have L.A. police detective, Tom Beck (Nouri) totally baffled. And it doesn't help when the mysterious FBI agent, Lloyd Gallagher (MacLachlan) tells him that a demonic extraterrestrial creature is invading the bodies of innocent victims and transforming them into inhuman killers with an unearthly fondness for heavy-metal music, red Ferraris and unspeakable violence. It?s a spine-chillingly, high-velocity sci-fi thriller from the makers of A Nightmare on Elm Street!

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3 by bigbadmur

I would really love to be able to just take what I wanted without consequences!

5 by Jack_Burton

This is a great example of a well put together 80's Sci-Fi Action film which has a great central concept that they milk for all its worth. I remember this blowing people's minds when it came out and... Read more

4 by ugh

Its an 80's action shoot em up with a sci-fi/horror twist. A great soundtrack and pace. One of the best of the era, was how I remembered it and seeing it again (in middle age) confirmed my youthful opinion.