The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

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Average of 977 ratings: 3.8 Stars

2007 M Contains Nudity.

Julian Schnabel's Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a ravishing celebration of sight and sound, an elegantly sensual evocation of human consciousness. Though his film is based on a best-selling account of one man's miraculous tenacity in the face of almost total incapacitation, Schnabel avoids every disease-of-the-week cliche. ‘Jean-Do' Bauby the editor of French Elle magazine, suffered a massive stroke at the age of 43. His mind was spared but his body was permanently paralysed in a condition known as ‘locked-in syndrome.' After he emerged from a coma, a devoted nursing team taught him to communicate by blinking his one mobile eyelid as the letters of the alphabet were read to him. With those blinks, Bauby ‘wrote' his extraordinary memoir.

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112 minutes
Pathe Films

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  • Audio comemntary with director Julian Schnabel
  • Submerged - The Making of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
  • Cinematic Vision - featurette

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    26 Member Reviews Write a review

    5 by Fliekflooi

    This is one of the most moving stories. The unbelievable resilience of this man while trapped inside his body, enabling him to let the "butterfly" escape from the wrecked cocoon of his life before... Read more

    5 by qofd

    A stunning movie, cannot recommend it highly enough. It's engaging and something totally different. A moving true story.

    4 by Paul1

    A magnificent movie - chillingly claustrophobic in it's approach to an unbelievably horrific medical catastrophe - but equally inspiring and gripping in it's developments. A movie that makes one think... Read more

    5 by justin83

    This is one of the most spectacular films I have ever seen. Highly recommended.

    4 by TikipungaKid

    This was a very satisfying movie and has made me want to read the book. You get a real feeling for not only how he was affected, but also everyone else.

    4 by scampr

    A very deep almost documentary experience. My "goes to sleep in films" husband loved it strangely. Normally an action movies only, don't make me think kinda guy, he liked this with its very thought... Read more

    4 by Lyn of Taupo

    An amazing story of the spirit and resilience of Jean-Do Bauby. The acting was amazing, something totally different and moving. Especially good after reading Bauby's book of the same name.

    5 by Reby

    Incredible story. At first its slow and you have to get used to it being in first person, you see through the camera's lens, but what an amazing way to show such a true moving story. Would highly recommend

    4 by Genieb

    The brillantly told true story of a man trapped in his own body. Cleverly presented from his point of view, the story engages the viewer right from the start. Extremely moving and thought-provoking, I highly recommend it.

    5 by OrangePeko

    Brilliant - all of it, just excellent all round. This isn't long enough apparently, so I'll repeat it - this film is brilliant!