The Dilemma

The Dilemma

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Our best guess for you: 2.8 stars

Average of 461 ratings: 2.8 Stars

2011 M Contains sex scenes and offensive language.

Would you tell the truth?

Oscar-winning director Ron Howard serves up a delicious comedy about two best friends and business partners -- Ronny (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Kevin James) -- who are about to land a fantastic deal when Ronny learns something about Nick's wife, Geneva (Winona Ryder), that rocks his world. Ronny turns amateur sleuth to determine whether Geneva's cheating on Nick and learns that telling a friend the truth is even more difficult than concealing it.

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107 minutes

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Screen Format
2.35:1 Widescreen 16x9 Enhanced
English for the hearing impaired
English Dolby Digital 5.1; English audio descriptive

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1080p High Definition Widescreen 16x9 2.35:1
Spanish; French; English for the hearing impaired
English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1; Spanish, French DTS Surround 5.1; English audio descriptive

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16 Member Reviews Write a review

2.5 by charmed_nz

This was probably one of the worst films I have ever watched. The funny bits may have actually been funny if they didn't go too cringingly long. Vince Vaughn is also getting porky so if you thought... Read more

3.5 by JoandLouis

Great if you are a Vince Vaughn in fan. Very trim looking Queen Latifah. Loved the Channing Tatum character. And oooohh Winona as a complete b**ch!! A real dilemma - to tell or not to tell.

5 by jsc

was a bit hesitant to watch but really enjoyed vince vaughn trying to problem solve the situation and laughed a lot

2.5 by NicolaJade

Thought this was OK, but would not class as a comedy. Was quite disappointed given the high calibre of actors/actresses!!! But if there's nothing else to watch...

2.5 by My3Sons

Not bad but definitely not a comedy. Not really any laugh out loud moments but if you're not waiting for funny then its not a bad watch!

2 by nay82

Despite the two lead actors this is not actually a comedy in my opinion; I think if you went into it expecting a drama, it would be more enjoyable. However personally I found it frustrating in places and not terribly engaging either way.

3.5 by L Kumar

Friends, wife and work pressure. Not as funny as I thought it would be. I still think Hitch is a better Movie.

3 by bante

Lame story, suitable for 15 year olds probably. Wouldn't recommend this at all.

2 by Tubbs

From one of Hollywood's best loved directors starring typecast Vince Vaughn.

1 by besscol

Agree totally with charmednz what a loud of tat. Was looking forward to a good laugh had to stop the DVD as was board to death.