The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia

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Our best guess for you: 2.7 stars

Average of 913 ratings: 2.7 Stars

2006 M Contains violence,sexual themes and content that may disturb.

Inspired by the most notorious unsolved murder in California history.

In 1940s Los Angeles, two cops - Bucky Bleichert (Josh Hartnett) and his partner Lee Blanchard - investigate the death of Elizabeth Short, a young woman found brutally murdered. Bucky soon realizes that his girlfriend had ties to the deceased, and soon after that, he begins uncovering corruption and conspiracy within the police department. Based on the novel by James Ellroy.

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100 minutes

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1.85:1 Widescreen
English Dolby Digital 2.0

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3 by Jeff_Bebe

James Ellroy's books are perfect for film noir dramatisations. The Black Dahlia is good, but doesn't capture the intensity of the book and fails to live up to its predecessor, LA Confidential. Mainly... Read more

1 by Kelc-yum

This movie is really weird and hard to follow. If you watch this you have to watch carefully, can not be distracted otherwise you might miss something.

Would not recommend this to anyone unless... Read more

3 by wendy

Great line of actors, good story great costumes, recommend watch. Hillary plays a very different character in this one.

3 by johnny40

Twisted mystery story line around the true mystery of the Black Dahlia's Murder in the USA during the 40's. A tweak in the ending. I enjoyed it.

1 by Marina

Eden's review is spot on - I have read the book and loved LA Confidential so was hoping for much but still found it impossible to follow - partly because you just don't care about the characters. REALLY DISAPPOINTING.

1 by Eden

I was really looking forward to this movie, the idea behind it, the black dahlia killing being one of Hollywoods greatest mysteries, made me eager to watch this offering. Sadly it in no way lives up... Read more

0.5 by Elseeta

This movie was an incomprehensible mess. No plot to follow. Actors mumbled think it was cool, it wasn't. Obviously they tried to make it like a 40's movie but it failed because the actors could have... Read more

2 by addy

It's a big, expensive, incomprehensible mess. It should have been terrific, but it's a huge missfire all round.

0.5 by Juliet4

Wish I had read the reviews first; this film thinks it is far cleverer than it is, and instead is tangled, inconsistent and most inexcusably - dull.

3 by Phil1986

This film is not terrible, it's worth seeing, it's just not a classic. I understand if you can't give a good review to everything but just renting this is hardly going to ruin your life.