Terraformars: The Movie

Terraformars: The Movie

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2016 M To be confirmed.

21st century Earth faces overpopulation. Scientists devise a plan to terraform Mars through moss and cockroaches, using them to absorb sunlight and purify the atmosphere. Five hundred years later, humanity is ready to emigrate. Ambitious scientist Professor Honda (Shun Oguri) assembles a band of criminals with the promise of a full pardon and generous reimbursement, sending them to the red planet as cockroach exterminators. They are met with an unwelcome surprise: the cockroaches have evolved into brutal, humanoid killing machines intent on slaughtering humans. Armed with genetic modifications, the team find themselves in a desperate fight for survival against the red planet?s first colonisers.

The cockroaches, however, are brutal and tenacious. With so few individuals, is the team really expected to exterminate the entire horde and come back in one piece?

Based on the manga series "Terra Formars" by Yu Sasuga and Kenichi Tachibana, and directed by cult filmmaker Takashi Miike (As the Gods Will), this is the first Japanese film to shoot on location in Iceland.

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109 minutes

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