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2007 M Contains violence and offensive language.

Dark days are coming.

Fifty years into the future (2057), the Sun is failing, causing the Earth to enter an ice age. A spacecraft, the Icarus II, with a crew of eight men and women is launched as a last hope, carrying a massive stellar bomb with a thermonuclear payload equivalent to the mass of Manhattan in order to re-ignite the Sun.

Seven years prior, a similar ship, the Icarus I, had been launched for the same mission, but contact was lost.

When the crew of eight move toward the sun and out of radio contact with Earth, they discover the distress beacon of Icarus I.

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107 minutes
Twentieth Century Fox

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Screen Format
English Dolby Digital 5.1, English Dolby Digital 2.0

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Screen Format
Widescreen 2.35:1
German, German Text, Cast. Spanish, Cast. Spanish Text, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish. English for the hearing impaired
English DTS HD Master Audio (Lossless) 5.1; English Descriptive Audio 5.1 AC-3; German, Cast. Spanish DTS 5.1; Commentary Dolby Digital 2.0
  • Commentary by director Danny Boyle
  • Commentary by Dr Brian Cox
  • Alternate ending with optional commentary
  • Deleted scenes with optional commentary by Danny Boyle
  • Web Production Diaries
  • Two Short films
  • Theatrical teaser and trailer
  • 38 Member Reviews Write a review

    2 by Shorty1

    This movie started out with such promise but fizzled out pretty quickly. I thought it was going to be a movie about saving the world but it ended up being more of a slasher movie. The whole thing... Read more

    1 by DougMck

    I don't write reviews that often but this movie was so pathetic I feel compelled to. Basically it's a sci-fi with a horror element similarly to Event Horizon but worse. The people on the ship are on... Read more

    4 by ripleyconnor

    Loved this film. If you are a true fan of sci-fi/horror, you'll love this film!

    1 by Sooty

    I think this was an awful movie that was butchered by the director. It started with potential: great visual atmosphere, cool subtle music, mysterious story intro. But ended up being just another "Event... Read more

    1 by Beada

    The trailer may appear interesting, but don't be fooled!! The film started off slow, and it just got worse, my recommendation would be to not waste your time watching this film.

    3 by Kellie7

    I didnt get the story line to this movie found it hard to follow. Wouldnt like to watch it again.

    4 by eimaj

    A good quality sci fi. I enjoyed this one. Implausible premise, but isn't that what sci fi is all about?

    4 by Jo & Hitendra

    Not life-changing, but pretty entertaining, and impressive to look at. Fairly derivative (2001, Alien, etc etc), but it's kind of hard for sci-fi not to be. We were a bit puzzled as to why Cliff Curtis couldn't just keep a NZ accent?

    1.5 by Cee Cee

    Great premise, but one wonders where it all went wrong? What about the mechanics that required so much intricacy and manual input to deliver the payload when, given the goal of reigniting the sun, it... Read more

    0.5 by keri07

    Well don't know what to say about this movie, i was waiting for the good bits to come on but there wasn't any.