Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction

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2006 M Contains low level offensive language.

Harold Crick isn't ready to go. Period.

One morning, a seemingly average and generally solitary IRS agent named Harold Crick begins to hear a female voice narrating his every action, thought and feeling in alarmingly precise detail. Harold's carefully controlled life is turned upside down by this narration only he can hear, and when the voice declares that Harold Crick is facing imminent death, he realizes he must find out who is writing his story and persuade her to change the ending. The voice in Harold's head turns out to be the once celebrated, but now nearly forgotten, novelist Karen "Kay" Eiffel, who is struggling to find an ending for what might be her best book. Her only remaining challenge is to figure out a way to kill her main character, but little does she know that Harold Crick is alive and well and inexplicably aware of her words and her plans for him. To make matters worse, Kay's publisher has dispatched a hard-nosed "assistant," Penny Escher, to force Kay to finish her novel and finish off Harold Crick. Desperate to take control of his destiny and avoid an untimely demise, Harold seeks help from a literary theorist named Jules Hilbert, who suggests that Harold might be able to change his fate by turning his story from a tragedy into a comedy. Professor Hilbert suggests that Harold try to follow one of comedy's most elemental formulas: a love story between two people who hate each other. His suggestion leads Harold to initiate an unlikely romance with a free-spirited baker named Ana Pascal. As Harold experiences true love and true life for the first time, he becomes convinced that he has escaped his fate, as his story seems to be taking on all the trappings of a comedy in which he will not, and cannot, die. But Harold is unaware that in a Karen Eiffel tragedy, the lead characters always die at exactly the moment when they have the most to live for.

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52 Member Reviews Write a review

4 by flitwick

Too right Will Ferrell was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as Harold Crick in this movie. His acting was the best I've ever seen from him and that surprised me. This is... Read more

5 by tucker

This is a fantastic movie that is off beat, original, wacky and brilliantly portrayed by the actors - Emma Thompson is outstanding! My wife and I loved this and we can thoroughly recommend it to you.

3 by KT9

Starts to gain momentum half way through. Interesting take on how the life of an very ordinary man and a renowned author collide. Will Farrow is very good in this very serious role. Good actors and unusual storyline make a worthwhile watch.

5 by wendy

loved this one, was very funny and very entertaining, great story and great actors. very very good.

3 by Rotoguy

A very strange movie and I must say as someone who is generally not a fan of Will Farrell but it is good to see him playing what is pretty much a straight role. A good supporting cast including Dustin... Read more

5 by Nevstar

Unexpectedly good film. It surprised me and is deeper than I thought it would be with Will Farrell. He puts in a good dramatic performance in this one. Definitely worth a watch!

3 by Glen22

Great to watch an original film. Good performances all round especially by Will Ferrell. Was going to be perhaps a 4 or 5 star film up until the end, when I think it let itself down.

5 by Merypink

An unexpected gem. This is an unusual story but surprisingly, given the plot, it doesn't suspend belief. I'm not particularly a fan of Will Ferrell and my partner can't stand him, but we both found... Read more

4 by Eden

I thought this movie was going to be one of those that you add to your rent list, on the thought that perhaps it might be ok, and when it arrives your still not that into it, but figure what the hell... Read more

4 by kannyyoung

a bit strange, but its a movie. Will Farrel in a more serious role, but entertaining. Not his usual goofy self but a more of a nerd type.