Spy vs Spy [Xbox]

Spy vs Spy [Xbox]

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2005 M Suitable for general audiences.

Mad Magazine's Black Spy and White Spy return to face off again. High powered weapons and explosive gadgets fuel the action.

Embittered rivals White Spy and Black Spy return for more comical sabotage in this video game based on the characters made famous in MAD Magazine. As in previous titles starring the dodgy duo, players are challenged to quickly set as many booby traps as possible to trick their rival into a swift and often painful demise. A total of 12 levels are available to scamper through, each taking place in one of six distinct areas. Players can face off against a computer opponent or match wits with a friend using an assortment of high-powered weapons and explosive gadgets.

Publisher: Global Star

Number of Players: 4

Online Players: 0

Languages: English

Sub Genres: Action/Adventure

Games , Xbox

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