Scream Queens - Season 2

Scream Queens - Season 2

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2016 M To be confirmed.

What makes a great horror story? Some experts would say that it is the scream queens. The first story in this horror anthology tracks a series of gruesome murders committed at Wallace University by a killer dressed like a devil. The murders begin after the entire student population, instead of merely the popular and rich, receives permission to pledge at the admired Kappa House. Scream queens rule the story. Chanel Oberlin, also known as Queen Bitch, rules over Kappa House. Dean Cathy Munsch, who hates sororities, enjoys undermining Oberlin's rule. Everyone has a good reason to kill... or die screaming.

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  • Scream Queens - Season 2 (2016) (Disc 1)

  • Scream Queens - Season 2 (2016) (Disc 2)

  • Scream Queens - Season 2 (2016) (Disc 3)


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