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1999 M Contains violence and offensive language.

Five Scarfies (students at Otago University) move into an abandoned house, where they discover the basement full of marijuana. They sell the harvest for a quick profit and spend up big. But the infamous five are landed in serious shit when the angry crop-grower returns. Panicking, they lock him in the basement. Forced to sort things out - they watch the rugby instead. But the pressure mounts and the Scarfies start to fall apart.

Threats and accusations lead to violence. Is murder the only way out? All all, there's a mad man in the basement! He's demanding money they haven't got. He'll kill them if he can.

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95 minutes
2000 New Zealand Film And TV Awards
Best Film
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Director: Robert Sarkies

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Screen Format
Widescreen 1.78:1
English Dolby Digital 5.1, English Audio Commentary Dolby Digital 5.1

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2.5 by George spinner

Deeper than u think and a play on the antics of Uni life in Dunedin.

1 by Judy32

It was not what I expected given that I do not know very much about the mentality of the "Scarfies". It did nothing for the area in which it was set, it did nothing to enhance the University or University... Read more

5 by tara_wgtn

Classic kiwi movie - make sure you watch it with a beer in your hand :) Don't know if there's many ppl out there that haven't seen it yet - but if you haven't yet, RENT THIS MOVIE!

5 by kiwi16

I throughly enjoyed this movie. For a nz movie on a small budget it was well put together and a bit of thought actually went into it.

3 by Diana22

An enjoyable viewing of a movie that was both original and different and entertaining. A group of students in a run down house in Dunedin discovers a stash of marijuana in their basement, and after... Read more

3 by Grogster

Not a bad yarn. I saw this movie when it was released. I live in Dunedin and like all Dunedin people, was expected to love it but when I first saw it, I thought it was silly and frankly would have rated... Read more