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Romper Stomper

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Average of 756 ratings: 3.4 Stars

1992 M Contains graphic violence.

You've never seen anything like it.

More than a decade later ROMPER STOMPER is still considered one of the most daring and confrontational films ever made and is remembered as the film that rocketed Russell Crowe into the international spotlight. As Hando, the leader of a gang of neo-Nazi skinheads, Crowe is a powerful, menacing and intimidating white supremacist. Driven by deep-seated hatred, they initiate a street war against members of the local Vietnamese community with relentless ferocity and devastating consequences. Also starring the late Daniel Pollock and Jacqueline McKenzie ("Deep Blue Sea"), Geoffrey Wright's bold and brilliant film remains a powerful and relevant Australian classic.

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89 minutes
Seon Films

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1 by gregjak

Yeah - not bad!!! Now you see where Rusty's temper comes from!! pretty pointless movie with no real

story line or moral behind it - probably in all nazi-racists collectors rack next to AmericaX.

1 by wasred

Did not like this movie at all in fact we turned it off after half an hour

3.5 by Zephyr2003

Saw and loved this movie many years ago. Enjoyed more 2nd time around and would recommend to anybody who wants to see Russell Crowe before he got big

3 by Jarebaboo

I first saw this movie in 1992, and was interested to see how it has stood the test of time. I have to say I still really enjoyed it. It is certainly an intense film.

3 by NessaC

It's not a NZ movie as Jyles said below, it's an Aussie film :) And a good Aussie film I might add! I really enjoyed it, it's a really powerful movie.

3 by dogboss

This movie is a good watch. I was engrossed despite being straight as a judge and watching it twice in a row. It is a good mix of unpredictable action and human drama stuff, which would have been boring... Read more

5 by muni

Haven't seen this movie for a lot of years and it still had me totally engrossed. Quite a powerful yet contraversal film but enjoyed.

3 by Markie1

Not a bad movie, Russel Crowe before he turned into "a legend in his own mind"

Pretty violent and hopefully not an educational video for young skins. Worth watching.

4 by Jyles

Great New Aealand movie, I loved it and so did all my mates. Would recommend it to most as long as they arn't squemish.

3 by Rocky19

Scary, scary, scary, scary to think that people like those in this movie exist on this planet.

The story revolves around Russell Crowes skinhead gang and a young homeless girl who joins them as... Read more