Raising Arizona

Raising Arizona

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Average of 547 ratings: 3.5 Stars

1987 M Contains Violence.

A comedy beyond belief.

NICOLAS CAGE, HOLLY HUNTER and JOHN GOODMAN star in Ethan and Joel Coen's acclaimed screwball love story filled with mad chases, unexpected plot twists and wild pyrotechnics. Vowing to go straight, a convenience store bandit (CAGE) proposes marriage to the police department's photographer (HUNTER). All is wedded bliss until they discover she's unable to get pregnant and are turned down by every adoption agency in town. It doesn't take long before they realize the only solution is to kidnap one of the town's celebrated quintuplets and hit the road!

John Goodman, Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter
Joel Coen
Comedy , Black Comedy

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90 minutes
Nat. Film & Sound

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Widescreen 1.85:1
Czech; Danish; English for the Hearing Impaired; Finnish; Hebrew; Hungarian; Icelandic; Norwegian; Polish; Portuguese; Swedish
English Dolby Digital 2.0
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5 by chemteach

Slightly surreal black comedy with obvious but amusing symbolism, many people don't understand this film and thus don't like it. Hilarious, well-directed by the Coen Bros and well acted by Cage and Hunter.

4 by girlf

I forgot this was a Coen brothers movie ... so I was initially shocked by the violence. Otherwise, it was a FINE movie. A bit cartoonish (the violence, the dirt, the extreme emotions) and a bit naiive... Read more

2 by Paul1

Pretty bad - a nothing movie - not funny, not clever, not particularly well acted. How can such good directors let such a poor film be released under their names? Or maybe the Americans really like bad screwball movies!

2 by Laura43

Well, I always like Nicholas Cage, he makes movies interesting, but sadly, even with him in it, this movie wasn't all that great. It wasn't terrible, it was just a bit strange and lacking in something... Read more

5 by burra

Family movie night...I've never heard my son laugh so hysterically. Now he know he has my sense of humour.

4 by CiderJack

I had seen this a couple of times previously and found it absolutely hilarious, but this time around I sat down as an American ex-pat with two British ex-pats... about 10 minutes into the film I realized... Read more

2 by Tristan8

I am a big Cohen Brothers fan but this one was not quite for me. When you watch this, you really have to be willing to give yourself up to something that is half film, half comic sketch and can just... Read more