Pulp Sport - Volume 2

Pulp Sport - Volume 2

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Average of 88 ratings: 3.9 Stars

2007 M Contains Offensive Language & Sexual References.

Take a teaspoon of 'Jackass', half a cup of 'Scrubs', a pinch of 'Family Guy' and a dollop of 'The Footy Show', strain it all through Dan Carter's jockeys and you've got Pulp Sport. It's a little like a lot of things, but like nothing you've seen before - unless you have seen it before, in which case it's exactly like that.

In your hands you hold the very first DVD incarnation of New Zealand's greatest/only "spomedy" (that's sports comedy).

Pulp Sport Volume 2 is eight episodes from the Emmy Award (entering) 2007 series of Pulp Sport. It's guarnateed to be fun for the whole family! Well, maybe not the whole family, because your grandmother might not find it so amusing, in fact she won't. But at least she can use the DVD as a coaster for her cup of tea!

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