Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction

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Average of 12304 ratings: 3.9 Stars

1994 M Contains graphic violence.

Girls like me don't make invitations like this to just anyone!

The 1994 Cannes Film Festival Best Picture winner and winner of the Best Screenplay at the 1994 Academy Awards PULP FICTION has topped many Top 10 lists since its release. Quentin Tarantino's definitive motion picture achievement to date delivers an unforgettable cast of characters including a pair of low-rent hit men (JOHN TRAVOLTA and SAMUEL L. JACKSON); their boss's sexy and willful wife (UMA THURMAN); a desperate prize fighter (BRUCE WILLIS); and the most outrageous pair of armed robbers to ever pack a rod (TIM ROTH and AMANDA PLUMMER) - in a wild mixture of explosive action and wickedly funny humour!

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154 minutes
1995 MTV Movie Awards
Best Movie
Fatso Top 100
Rated #50 out of Fatso's Top 100

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Screen Format
2.35:1 Widescreen 16x9 Enhanced
English Dolby Digital 5.1, English MPEG 5.1

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Screen Format
1080p High Definition Widescreen 16x9 2.35:1
English for the hearing impaired
English DTS HD 5.1

46 Member Reviews Write a review

5 by gardy43

If you don't watch this film god will kill a puppy.

I would give it six stars if I could!

5 by virginflighty

Timeless. Can watch this over and over and never get tired of this gem. A little bit of everything in this movie along with some of the greatest movie quotes in history.

4 by Diana22

It's amazing, and wonderful and funny, - once I'd got the hang of it and worked out the scene sequences. On our old machine, sub-titles certainly helped, as the dialogue is so crucial to the understanding... Read more

5 by into69

A true classic Travolta and Jacksons greatest performances so much going on .Tarintino is a master at this type of genre.

4 by sparklemotion

Great - this showcases all Quentin Taratino's movie making trademarks - terrific monologues, improbable scenarios and delicious glamourisation of bad language and violence...which is why I like Tarantino - he makes you like the bad asses!

5 by Sophia-Colin

Pure filmmaking genius. This is my 3rd viewing since it was released and it keeps getting better. A classic - don't miss it!

3 by Vanessa24

I think everyone needs to have seen this movie once - it's a classic movie, with catch phrases that you'll just want to use. Don't watch it if you can't follow jumpy story lines though - if you can you'll love it

4 by jisun

wild and creative

you will never guess what will happen next

cult classic

love the twist dance scene with uma and john

little bit too violent and too much drug scenes

5 by ColinH

3rd time I have watched this film and still love it well worth seeing

5 by Phil1986

Still Quentin Tarantino's best film. There are 3 stories that interconnect. Great performances from Uma Thurman,Travolta and Sam Jackson. The dialogue is some the best in movies. I can watch this film... Read more