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Average of 1436 ratings: 3.8 Stars

1986 M Contains violence.

The first casualty of war is innocence.

Winner of 4 Academy Awards including Best Picture, and based on the first-hand experience of Oscar winning director Oliver Stone, Platoon is powerful, intense and starkly brutal. "Harrowingly realistic and completely convincing" (Leonard Maltin), it is "a dark, unforgettable memorial" (The Washington Post) to every soldier whose innocence was lost in the war-torn jungles of Vietnam. Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) is a young, naive American who, upon his arrival in Vietnam, quickly discovers that he must do battle not only with the Viet Cong, but also with the gnawing fear, physical exhaustion and intense anger growing within him. While his two commanding officers (Oscar-nominated Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe) draw a fine line between the war they wage against the enemy and the one they fight with each other, the conflict, chaos and hatred permeate Taylor, suffocating his realities and numbing his feelings to man's highest

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114 minutes
1987 BAFTA
BAFTA Award for Best Direction: Oliver Stone

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1.85:1 Widescreen 16x9 Enhanced
English, English for the Hearing Impaired, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Hebrew, Turkish, Czech
English Dolby Digital 5.1, Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1, English Audio Commentary Dolby Digital 2.0

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5 by OMGAng

This truly is a classic movie, showing the brutality and futility of the Vietnam War. Strong lead performances from Willem Dafoe, Tom Berenger, and Charlie Sheen in his break-out role.

This movie... Read more

4 by Flossy4

We really liked this movie but was disappointed not to see a real story line through it. It certainly opened your eyes to the Vietnam war - how truly senseless it really was.

4 by Rob & Tara

I really enjoyed this one. Oliver Stone did a fantastic job with creating the realism that exudes out at you throughout the entire movie. This is not a movie for the faint hearted, it deals with some... Read more

3 by mungo

I first saw this film about 12 years ago. Back then all I saw was the action. This time round I noticed more of the flaws. Some of the narration contradicts the story, and it is clear where self indulgent... Read more

1.5 by graygray

Almost as boring as The Deer Hunter, blatant Hollywood B.S. as regards the Vietnam war, appallingly overrated when it was released and even more so now. 'Classic'-I don't think so but others would disagree... Read more

5 by arisa

i had wanted to see this movie for a long time when i read the bio behind it and the cast involved. i was blown away by the fierce battle scenes, the different characters and amazing acting. charlie... Read more

4 by manny

I've seen this movie a long time ago buts its worth watching it over and over. This movie is best. Lots of action and battle scenes...Recommended to watch.

3 by Charnan

A good war movies - shows both sides of the War. Americans were not always the good guys.

5 by Shelleys

Classic war movie, great for testing the home theatre. Shows the good and bad within the so called "Good Guys". Quite surprised this was made in America really.

4 by BaZ15

Raw and edgy, this Vietnam movie by Oliver Stone stars Charlie Sheen as a young idealistic foot soldier turned brutal by the war. The sub-plot follows internal conflict in the Platoon as they fight... Read more