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Average of 210 ratings: 3.4 Stars

1979 M Contains horror scenes.

In 1979, award-winning director Werner Herzog and his volatile star Klaus Kinski embarked on a milestone in international cinema: a dual-language remake of F.W. Murnau's legendary 1922 horror classic NOSFERATU. The film starred Kinski in the performance of a lifetime as the predatory vampire Dracula, with Isabelle Adjani (THE TENANT) as his beloved Lucy and Bruno Ganz (WINGS OF DESIRE) as the doomed Jonathan Harker. Filmed on breathtaking locations throughout Europe and simultaneously shot in both German and English-speaking versions that create fascinating differences in tone and texture, Werner Herzog's NOSFERATU has since become recognized worldwide as the definitive version of the Dracula legend as well as one of the most extraordinarily haunting horror films ever made.

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107 minutes
Umbrella Entertainment

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4 by Grogster

An excellent Dracula movie, far better then most. Klaus Kinski is fantastic in this movie, his portrayal of Dracula is very impressive and more then a little scary. The other actors are great too and... Read more

5 by Kelly

If you haven't seen Nosferatu, you should know that it is a German expressionist film from 1922, based on the "plague spreading unloveable freak" of Bram Stoker's Dracula. FW Murnau became embroiled... Read more

4 by movieholic

Great to see the remake of the movie which spawned Bram Stoker's Dracula. Not too sure the vampire "lovers" of today will love Dracula.

3.5 by ColinH

How I agree with Grogster I enjoyed this very much - like vampires? you will love this