Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont

Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont

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Average of 720 ratings: 3.7 Stars

2005 M Contains Adult Themes.

Dan Ireland's latest film is the comedy drama, "Mrs Palfrey at The Claremont", based on the best selling novel of the same name, by the late, celebrated English author, Elizabeth Taylor.

The story centers around an elegant elderly lady (Plowright) who, after being recently widowed, moves from Scotland to London to be near to her 26 year old grandson, Desmond. Desmond fails to return any of her several phone calls, or visit her at the resident hotel she is staying (The Claremont), fate brings her together with a young writer, Ludovic Meyer, after she has an accident outside his basement flat.

Eventually, Ludo ends up helping Mrs. Palfrey by playing a charade - pretending to be her grandson, so that the other off-beat elderly residents of the hotel believe that she hasn't been lying, and that she really does have a grandson.

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106 minutes
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29 Member Reviews Write a review

5 by TUFFY

What a wonderful story.A fateful meeting and a friendship of great loyalty and love between two people who are poles apart. quite a tearjerker. Thoroughly recommend it.

5 by Ginni

What a wonderfully empathetic portrayal of a relationship between a young man and an elderly woman! Joan Plowright and Rupert Friend gave totally convincing and brilliant performances and made this... Read more

5 by Marg

A delightful movie which I thoroughly enjoyed. I'd recommend it to all ages as I think the young could learn quite a lot from this. Joan Plowright certainly played the role beautifully and her young... Read more

4.5 by wyogal

A delighful film--every grandmosther needs a friend like the youg gentlman--they helped each other and taught each other the value of time and love.

3.5 by OrangePeko

I quite enjoyed this, and it was a terrific performance by Joan Plowright, but even the great acting couldn't gloss over a somewhat patchy script and occasionally awkward direction.

4 by jillsim

A delightful; heart-warming story. Age no barrier to kindness and thoughtfulness. Thoroughly recommend this movie to anyone young and old

1 by nbx

Lovely story, I really liked the concept and I wanted to like it but... really slow and actually a bit boring.

1 by Bellefast

Sorry to say I did not enjoy this. Felt like a bit of a B movie in production values. I didn't believe in the characters, knowing what the UK is like these days. Perhaps it appeals to romantics?

5 by Worpet

I really didn't think this was for me and left the DVD as a last resort to watch. How wrong can you be!! What a fabulous story - touched the soul.

4 by EarthwatcherNZ

Once again, Joan Plowright is brilliant, as is Rupert Friend. It's a heartwarming story of two different worlds coming together.