Mr. Brooks

Mr. Brooks

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2007 M Contains violence, offensive language and nudity.

The Man Who Has Everything Has Everything To Hide.

Earl Brooks (Kevin Costner) is a loving family man and a local business icon. But Mr Brooks is deeply flawed and very aware of it. He is addicted to killing. Struggling with his pathology, he tries to quit, but his alter-ego, Marshall (William Hurt) has an altogether different idea. Marshall enjoys his “existence” and his “work.”

Tenacious Detective Tracy Atwood (Demi Moore), battling with her own demons, is extremely frustrated at the lack of clues left by the mysterious killer. When Brooks is compelled to perform one last murder, despite his strong reservations, he delivers the goods with trademark ritualistic style. But this time he gets sloppy and is seen by a voyeuristic neighbour. Unexpectedly turned-on by what he sees, the prying neighbour, Mr Smith (Dane Cook), has an unusual and disturbing blackmail demand.

With the dogged Detective Atwood on his trail, Mr Brooks and “Marshall” are forced to play out an increasingly elaborate game.

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120 minutes

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1.85:1 Widescreen
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27 Member Reviews Write a review

4 by Phill

I have always put Kevin Costner in the same category as Nicolas Cage.....the movie will either be great or an absolute shocker. I'm happy to report this movie was gripping right to the last. Kevins... Read more

5 by christnz

One of the best, most enthrawling movies I have watched. Who would be onside with a serial killer, but the skill of this movie was to involve you to be empathetic towards him. Four stories intertwined... Read more

5 by ginger4

One of the best movies I've ever watched with Kevin Costner. Felt he portrayed a better side of his acting, more thrilling. Watched the movie twice and could watch it again almost the next day is how... Read more

4 by Letos1

awesome movie leaves you on the edge of your seat.

5 by Jo_Dave

Usually pretty good at picking a plot line. This one had me stumped and waiting for teh next twist. Well acted. Great ending had us both interpreting it differently! Best movie i have seen for quite some time.

4 by Ali63

Chilling, and not a little scary - to see how seemingly ordinary blokes are led so easily into participating in death and destruction. Mr Brookes created for himself a truly frightening 'sword of Damocles'... Read more

4 by gunner

A good thriller type movie and with well known actors. We really enjoyed this film and an interesting ending.

4 by neo

loved this movie as Costner was brilliant, the story line and the plot roll together very easily. I enjoyed this movie completely

4 by squeekymouse

It think this is the only good movie that I have seen Kevin Costner in. It was an interesting storyline and kept me interested from beginning to end.

4 by Mark_S

Innovative plot. One of Costner's better performances of late. A bit of a twist at the end, but I'll say no more...