Michael Palin - Himalaya

Michael Palin - Himalaya

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Average of 275 ratings: 4.0 Stars

2004 M Parental guidance is recommended for younger viewers.

Hot on the heels of his adventures in the Sahara, Michael Palin takes on the abode of snow and begins an extraordinary 2000-mile journey across this mighty and majestic region of Asia. Encountering extremes of wealth and poverty, altitude and freezing cold, Palin once again brings his unique wit, charm and wisdom to each episode. Along the way he encounters, amongst many others, the Dalai Lama, the Bhutanese Royal Family and the once feared headhunting tribe of the Konyak. Whilst on his travels he passes through Afghanistan, across India to the feared Death Zone near the base of Mount Everest and then onto the Bhutanese capital before arriving in the Bay of Bengal.

Michael Palin
Roger Mills
Documentary , Nature , Travel

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395 minutes

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  • Michael Palin - Himalaya (2004) (Disc 1)
    Episodes 1 - 2

  • Michael Palin - Himalaya (2004) (Disc 2)
    Episodes 3 - 4

  • Michael Palin - Himalaya (2004) (Disc 3)
    Episodes 5 - 6


7 Member Reviews Write a review

4.5 by chimo

I loved this wonderful trek thru the Himalayas, it is interesting, funny, touching, informative. Palin's style is casual, BBC has done a great job moving it along at an enjoyable pace

4 by Ali1

Excellent set of DVD's to watch if you're into travel. Palin goes into the little places and meets the local people which makes for a kind of Lonely Planet experience in your living room.

Really entertaining to watch the journey

4 by Youngatheart

Enjoyed all three discs - Michael is a very enjoyable host on these epic journeys. His style and personality make these documentaries well worth watching. Recommended.

4 by yjeva

Excellent viewing. So much interesting information and of course, great scenery.

3 by Mary43

Micheal Palin does not disappoint with this fabulous tour through the Himalaya. It is a wonderful story and adventure and I, my five year old son, and husband all enjoyed this very much.

3 by CJ37

This is a really interesting watch. Michael Palin is great as a guide and really lets you know the countries he is visiting.

5 by madyxu1

This Movie is the best I have ever watched. I think BBC has done a very good job in making this movie. A real classic. HIghly recommended.