Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton

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Average of 1469 ratings: 3.4 Stars

2007 M Contains violence and offensive language.

The Truth Can Be Adjusted

Michael Clayton (Clooney) handles all of the dirty work for a major New York law firm: Arranging top-flight legal services and skirting through loopholes for ethically questionable clients. But when a fellow "fixer" decides to turn on the very firm they were hired to clean up for, Clayton finds himself at the center of a conspiratorial maelstrom.

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119 minutes
Castle Rock

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1.85:1 Widescreen
English, English for the hearing impaired
English Dolby Digital 5.1, English Dolby Digital 2.0

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5 by liselite

really really good thriller. i watched this movie two nights in a row as the twists and turns in the plot are so dense, that i wanted to see it again to make sure i had soaked up every minute detail... Read more

4 by Luke MP

Michael Clayton is a clever plot-twisting thriller that conveys Clooney’s skill for portraying socially conscientious, but flawed characters that have an axe to grind. The film is written and directed... Read more


I just didn't get this movie. It was very difficult to follow, it lost me too many times to end up holding my attention. Not as good as I expected it to be. If you're going to watch it make sure you're WIDE AWAKE & ALERT!

4 by Fred1

This is a different side of George Clooney and I enjoyed it very much. I found that it kept me guessing for a lot of the movie, the way it started and then went back in time to what led up to the opening... Read more

3 by Ricky

Pretty good acting performance and the story line was quite good - just didn't do it for me - one to watch, but only once.

3 by sez

I enjoyed this movie, it was entertaining. Clooney is very 'watchable.' I felt the movie was over all too soon. I would have liked the characters to have developed a bit more before it was all over... Read more

4.5 by addy

It's really good, and Tilda Swinton, who I normally dislike is terrific. Her big scene with Clooney is great. It's a classy, glossy thriller with excellent performances, and something to say.

5 by choco holic

Brilliant film - hubby and I both enjoyed it. It was fast and twisting to keep you on your toes. Great ending to

3.5 by Ganny01

Solid and engaging thriller. Well shot, well acted and well written.

1 by Moi aussi

I normally enjoy George Clooney movies but found this found one to be boring. We gave up after 15 mins and turned it off. 2 mins of him walking up a hill and staring at a horse was the end of it for us.