Little Nicky

Little Nicky

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2000 M Contains Sexual References.

Little Nicky (Adam Sandler) is just your average horny, headbanging adolescent with a speech impediment from down south...way down south. Nicky is son of the Prince of Darkness and he lives in Hades (Population: You!), ruled for 10,000 years by his dear old pop, Satan (Harvey Keitel). Nicky has two evil brothers (Rhys Ifans from 'Notting Hill' and Tiny Lister from 'Friday') who think Pop's gone soft and should vacate the throne...even if it means wasting him. So begins a wicked chase that'll take them from the burning underworld to the only place that rivals it for sin, decadence and debauchery - New York City. Out of his depth and hellbent on saving Dad from his unearthly siblings, Nicky is about to encounter what life is like on the other side. Also stars Reese Witherspoon, Patricia Arquette and Rodney Dangerfield.

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87 minutes

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Main Menu Introduction; Menu Animation & Audio; Dolby Digital Trailer: Rain; Audio Commentary: Adam Sandler (Act), Steven Brill (Dir) & Tim Herlihy (Wri); Audio Commentary: Cast Commentary; Scene Selection Anim & Audio; Featurette: Adam Sandler Goes To Hell; Featurette: Satan's Top Forty; Music Video: School Of Hard Knocks; Deleted Scenes: 21; Theatrical Trailer: 2; Teaser Trailer: 2; Filmographies-Cast & Crew; Easter Egg

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4 by Rbsliding

If this is hell then seems pretty cruisy

Has some funny parts Adam Sandler plays Nicky I don't think I could imagine anyone else playing Nicky.

1 by Tubbs

The plot idea is funny but it just needed a script that comedy actors could use and adult audiences appreciate.

5 by Darth Vadertron

This film is bust a gut funny. One of the best comedies of all time

5 Stars

3 by LAS2003

Funny look at heaven and hell and the devil the angel and there son Little Nicky. I enjoyed this very much. There is a lot of inappropriate language and sexual references throughout this movie so... Read more